7-Day Summer Slim Down Challenge

Beach days are just around the corner!

A Quick Summer Workout Routine

7-Day Summer Slim Down Challenge

The Workouts

Regular exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. For this 7-day slim down, we challenge you to exercise for a minimum of 5 days out of the week. You can choose what days to exercise and at what time. The important part is that you complete all five of these routines.

Day 1: Better Butt in 15 Minutes, 10-Minute Bodyweight Circuit for Butt & Thighs
Day 2: 7-Minute Arm Workout Challenge, 7-Minute Flat Abs Workout Challenge
Day 3: Quick Cardio Fat Blaster Workout, 10-Minute Leg Burn Challenge
Day 4: HIIT Your Chest Workout, HIIT Your Back Workout
Day 5: HIIT Kettlebell Fat Blaster, 7-Minute Total Body Workout
Day 6 (optional): 4 Moves for Shapely Shoulders, 6 Moves for Summer Arms

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