H.I.I.T. Your Chest Workout

Strengthen your chest with H.I.I.T.!

Results don’t come easy. That’s what separates you from everyone else. You’re willing to go the extra mile and put the hard work in! This H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) chest workout is going to push your body to its limit. Once you hit that limit, you don’t quit. You find that extra bit of energy and you keep pushing through!

H.I.I.T. workouts are the new craze for a number of reasons. Life is busy and spending an hour at the gym doesn’t always seem realistic. 30 minutes of H.I.I.T can offer the same benefits as 90 minutes of steady to moderate paced exercise. Within that short period of time, you’re building up your cardio and muscle endurance while also drastically increasing your metabolism, which helps blast unnecessary calories and fat. What are you waiting for? H.I.I.T it!

H.I.I.T. Your Chest Workout

Chest Workout with dumbbells

Equipment Needed: Interval timer, 1 set of light dumbbells (5-10 lbs.), 1 set of medium dumbbells (think 10-15 lbs.), workout bench or flat surface, water to keep you hydrated.

What to do: Watch the videos below to get familiarized with each workout. Make sure you use the correct weights to maximize each circuit. Perform each workout for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds after. Complete 3 circuits.


1. Push-ups
2. Chest Press
3. Chest Fly
4. Plyometric Push-up
5. Dumbbell Pullover


Chest Press


Plyometric Pushup

Dumbbell Pullover

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    1. HIIT workouts, in general, are great way to reduce fat anywhere on the body. Be sure to eat a well balanced diet in addition to your workout.

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