7 Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

Detox the natural, healthy way.

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Unleash your inner diva and create a slimmer, trimmer figure. Just add a detox drink for weight loss to your menu. We’ve compiled seven of our favorite recipes here for you to try today! Not only can they help improve your health, but they’re super tasty too!

Hydration is Key

staying hydrated with detox drink for weight loss recipes

Every good weight loss plan emphasizes hydration. Healthy, non-processed beverages, including H2O, take the edge off of hunger and help you feel fuller. Drink at least one full glass of water on an empty stomach before every meal or snack to reduce the chance you’ll overeat.

Detox Drinks for Weight Loss

detox smoothie

However, choosing these homemade detox drinks can enhance the hydration process and weight loss! A detox drink is a beverage made with whole foods that naturally help the body rid itself of toxins—no wacky supplements or expensive spa trips required. Many are filled with vitamins and minerals from whole herbs, fruit, and vegetables.

For example, the humble-looking ginger root has long been used as a natural detoxification ingredient. It’s believed to work by stimulating digestion and circulation to clean out waste build-up. Likewise, cucumber, another popular detox drink ingredient, also contains high water levels to flush out toxins and anti-inflammatories. Other common detox ingredients include lemon water, beetroot, cinnamon, honey, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, and berries.

1. Cleansing Cucumber Lemonade

cleansing cucumber lemonade

This Cleansing Cucumber Lemonade is a type of cucumber detox water recipe containing natural detoxifier lemon and hydrating cucumber slices for a delicious and healthy detox drink for weight loss.

2. Super Green Detox Drink

super green detox drink

From celery to kale, the green goodness in this Super Green Detox Drink will help cleanse your body and make you feel great.

3. Lemon Ginger Detox Drink

lemon ginger detox drink

Ginger and lemon juice, which help detox the body by boosting metabolism, are the stars of this Lemon Ginger Detox Drink. This is a great detox drink for weight loss, gut health, and liver health, and can even help lower blood pressure.

4. Morning Lemon & Mint Detox Water

Lemon Mint Morning Drink

Start your morning with a natural detox of lemon and fresh mint leaves. This Morning Lemon & Mint Detox Water will give you a needed boost as you wipe the sleep from your eyes.

5. Pineapple Mint Spritzer

pineapple mint spritzer
pineapple mint spritzer

The Pineapple in this Pineapple Mint Spritzer offers bromelain, an enzyme that helps cleanse the colon the natural way. It can also help reduce pain and swelling, so if aches and pains are holding you back, this detox drink will help you get going with your weight loss journey. 

6. Cleanse & Detox Smoothie

cleansing smoothie

Flush away toxins with this vitamin and mineral-rich Cleanse & Detox Smoothie recipe. This delicious detox drink for weight loss is packed with antioxidants, including apples, lemon, kale, celery, and more.

7. Mean Green Juicing Recipes 

green juice

Discover four more Mean Green Juicing Recipes that provide whole ingredients, electrolytes, and micronutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C.

Which detox drink for weight loss are you looking forward to trying first? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. I never thought about pineapple and mint. I need to try that! I’m saving this post on Pinterest to be sure to find again.

    1. Stacy,

      Let us know what you think after you try the pineapple and mint combo! Personally, I love finding new and exciting food combinations.

  2. In Brazil, we drink pineapple juice with looots of mint. It is absolutely delicious and refreshing (as a kid I didn’t like pineapple, but pineapple and mint juice was among my favorites)! It is so worth trying.

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