7 Fast Breakfast Recipes

No excuses for skipping breakfast!

15 Time-Saving Clean Eating Recipes for Busy Moms

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but ensuring you actually eat it is easier said than done when you’re hustling to get out the door. The key is having a collection of easy and fast breakfast recipes in your morning arsenal so you don’t have to resort to grabbing a sugar-filled, nutrient-deficient muffin from the corner store as you start your day. The perfect breakfast is some combination of the following: healthy grains, hearty fiber and protein.

Complex grains, like whole grain bagels and oatmeal, take longer for your body to break down than simple grains, like those found in packaged breakfast snacks. The result is no energy “crash” from your body burning through those empty carbs. Fiber, found in fruits and whole grains, helps keep you feeling full until lunch time. Finally, protein gives your body the healthy energy it needs to power through the morning.

These seven easy breakfasts have received the Skinny Ms. seal of approval for being simple and delicious. The best part? They can all be prepared in ten minutes or less. If you still find it tricky to get into the swing of making breakfast a daily ritual, try making it even easier by prepping a big batch on Monday and freezing or refrigerating the leftovers to use the rest of the week.

1. Peanut Butter and Fresh Raspberries on Toast
If you can make peanut butter and jelly, you can make this healthy, grown-up version in breakfast form. Toasted bread meets your favorite sugar-free peanut butter and superfood berries for a powerful protein-packed breakfast.

Bagel with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Provolone

2. Bagel with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Provolone
It may look like a picture-perfect creation from your neighborhood deli, but this breakfast is a piece of cake to whip up (with far less fat and calories than actual cake!).

3. Egg and Avocado Toast
Eggs are the perfect protein punch for your first meal of the day, and avocado adds healthy monounsaturated fats to the mix. For an added nutrient boost, choose a bagel that’s topped with hearty seeds, like sesame seeds.

4. 10-Minute Stovetop Granola
Store-bought granola often comes with a side of hidden calories and added sugar. Not the case with this superfast homemade version, which is made with heart-healthy nuts and old-fashioned oats.

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5. Flourless Banana Pancakes
Delicious potassium-rich bananas serve as the base for this naturally gluten-free dish. When you see how easy and fool-proof these pancakes are to make, you’ll want to make them a regular part of your morning routine.


Berry Almond Breakfast Quinoa

6. Berry Almond Breakfast Quinoa
This skinny quinoa dish is a great breakfast alternative to oatmeal. It keeps for up to five days in the fridge for easy reheating throughout the week.

7. Three Seed Berry Parfait
Greek yogurt might not be the first option that comes to mind for a quick and easy morning meal, but it’s surprisingly satisfying as part of this yummy berry breakfast.

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