7 Healthy Hangover Meals

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Headache? Dry mouth? General ickiness? Hangovers are no picnic. Sometimes, the foods we reach for during recovery make us feel worse. These 7 healthy hangover meals will help you ease your body back into reality the nutritious way.

In addition to nourishing your body with the hangover meals below, remember to drink plenty of water, too. Alcohol increases urine production. Some hangover symptoms are triggered by dehydration. After drinking beer, wine, or liquor, keep a glass of water by your bed so you can hydrate if you wake up during the night and again the next morning.

In addition to water, consume plenty of nutrient-rich beverages to replenish the body. Beverages like peppermint tea and Lemon Ginger Detox Drink are smart additions to your hangover recovery plan. If you have a hangover-induced headache, drink a cup of black coffee to relieve the pain by reducing swelling in blood vessels. Stick to just one cup so you don’t overload on caffeine and induce the jitters. The idea is to feel better, not worse!

1. Slow Cooker Nutty Blueberry Banana Oatmeal
Slow Cooker Nutty Blueberry Banana Oatmeal

Oatmeal replenishes the body with essential nutrients, including B vitamins, magnesium, and iron. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, which boosts a surly post-drinking mood.
2. Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup
Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

This comfort food favorite hydrates the body—a must during hangover recovery. What’s more, chicken offers cysteine, an amino acid that helps reduce liver toxicity [1].
3. Open-Face Scramble Eggs and Avocado Toast
Open Face Scrambled Eggs and Avocado Toast

Eggs are another cysteine-rich food. They also deliver taurine, an amino acid that raises liver function. Avocado is a smart addition to hangover meals like this one. It replenishes the electrolyte potassium, which is often depleted by alcohol consumption.
4. Salmon & Avocado Salad with Lemon Dressing
Salmon & Avocado Salad with Lemon Dressing

Potassium-boosting avocado combines here with salmon, a food rich in the B vitamins that are often diminished during a night of drinking. Lemon adds its superfood power by supporting healthy liver function.
5. Crockpot Hearty Vegetable & Bean Soup

Hangover recipes like this one offer a one-two punch. Beans deliver magnesium to support B vitamin use within the body while the soup hydrates.
6. Asparagus Salad
Asparagus Salad

This light meal is the perfect way to work your way back into feeling better. Asparagus is a diuretic that helps flush toxins from the body naturally.
7. Flourless Banana Pancakes
Flourless Banana Pancakes

Bananas will restore potassium to your system. They also provide vitamin B6, which the body craves after a night of overindulgence.


[1] Mercola

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