9 Yummy Foods for Weight Loss

Not so long ago, the word diet was synonymous with eating cardboard-tasting rice cakes and lettuce-only salads. No longer! Now we understand that replacing high-calorie, sugar-added, salt-added foods with delicious natural foods can help the body lose weight. So stop sacrificing taste and stock your kitchen with these weight loss foods:

  1. Apples: A medium apple delivers about 4 grams of filling fiber, which makes them an ideal and yummy low-calorie snack for people with an eye on the scale. They’re also versatile and can be enjoyed on their own or added to entrees and desserts. Check out these family-friendly Baked Apple Chips.
  2. Greek Yogurt: The protein in low-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt supports healthy muscle tissue, which naturally burns more calories than fat. Dive into this recipe for Curry Greek-Style Yogurt Dip.
  3. Eggs: This is one food that’s gotten a bad reputation over the years, but now we know that eggs can be part of a healthy diet. In one study, people who ate 2 eggs for breakfast over 8 weeks showed 65% more weight loss than those who ate a bagel for breakfast [1]. Eggs are yummy on their own or perfect for pairing with great-tasting vegetables.
  4. Avocado: The unsaturated (healthy) fat in this fruit is believed to boost levels of leptin, a hormone that puts the kibosh on hunger. This Avocado Dip is a crowd pleasing appetizer, perfect for your next gathering.
  5. Mushrooms: They’ve long been recognized as an immunity booster, but mushrooms are also a tasty alternative to less-healthy foods. Ditch the chips and dunk white button mushrooms into a nutritious dip or use mushrooms as a replacement for some or all of the meat in a recipe. They also shine in dishes like this Skinny Slow Cooker Balsamic Mushroom and Chicken Stroganoff.
  6. Quinoa: You’ve seen recipes for quinoa all over Pinterest—and it’s no surprise why people are pinning for this grain. It’s packed with muscle-nourishing protein and iron, plus magnesium to promote even blood sugar levels. Quinoa is about as perfect as food gets, so check out The New Quinoa E-book and our recipe for Quinoa with Black Beans.
  7. Pears: This fruit doesn’t often make the front pages when it comes to foods that help you lose weight, but the FDA recently recalculated the fiber level for pears. We know now that a medium pear offers about 6 grams, making them the perfect fiber-full snack.
  8. Hot peppers: Like it hot and spicy? Chili peppers have a substance called capsaicin, which is an appetite suppressant.
  9. Nuts: You can still go nuts for nuts—even if you want to shed fat and inches. They contain healthy fats that reduce heart attack risk, and they may also give metabolism a lift. Be sure to stick to proper portion sizes; a 1 ounce serving of nuts is about the size of your thumb.

Yes, you can enjoy food while losing weight. Add one of these yummy weight loss foods to your diet—today!


[1] National Institutes of Health Library

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