At-Home Hamstring Workout

You don't need fancy gym equipment to work those hamstrings!

Hamstrings are an area that can be hard to target with no equipment; but have no fear; we’ve got your home fitness routine right here! We’ve got the solution for you to hit this area hard and get those shapely summer legs you’ve always wanted with the best hamstring workout at home.  The hamstrings are a critical area to tone and we’ve got the moves to do it with a home fitness routine.

Equipment Needed:  Water for hydration, a heart monitor, and an interval timer.

What to Do: Check out the videos below to ensure that you’re using proper form. Complete the exercises below 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days.


1. Jump Turns –  15 reps.

2. Alternating Lunges – 15 reps on each side.

3. Wall Sit –  Hold in place for 1 minute.

4. High Knee Walk –  1 minute.

5. Pilates Toe Touches –   Tap your feet together 30 times.

6. Quick Hops –  1 minute.

Jump Turns

Alternating Lunges

Wall Sit

High Knee Walk

Pilates Toe Touches

Quick Hops

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