Avocado Stuffed Deviled Eggs

A fresh and flavorful twist on the classic picnic food!

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I don’t think the world ever got a definitive answer as to what exactly made Dr. Seuss’s infamous “green eggs and ham” green, but these avocado stuffed deviled eggs may have just solved the mystery.

A fun twist on the classic, picnic finger food, this avocado version is a major update. Sure, deviled eggs are always a crowd-pleaser, but they can feel a little outdated. Adding avocado makes this old-school appetizer feel modern and trendy the way only avocado can. This fresh and flavorful update takes deviled eggs from Easter brunch at Grandma’s to Sunday brunch on Instagram.

No Mayo, No Problem

There’s nothing like avocado to take a recipe like these avocado stuffed deviled eggs up a notch. This updated classic is much healthier than the original. This recipe ditches the mayo that most recipes use in the filling, meaning you get to cut out tons of unhealthy, processed fat in favor of all-natural avocado oils. Avocados are great for adding creamy texture, the healthy way, and this avocado egg filling is just as rich and smooth as any traditional mayo-based filling.

Moreover, avocado adds delicious flavor the recipe that no mayo ever could. Mayo can be pretty divisive as it is, but even if you’re a die-hard mayonnaise lover, it’s hard to argue that it can hold a candle to avocado when it comes to flavor. And for those of us who are not team-mayo, this recipe is a great way to finally enjoy mayo-free deviled eggs.

Green and Clean

This avocado stuffed deviled eggs recipe is one of those clean eating hacks that makes healthy eating feel like an upgrade, not a sacrifice. Sure, our clean eating deviled eggs recipe offers another great healthy option using clean mayo. But this recipe cuts out mayo entirely and replaces it with delicious avocado. Hello, upgrade.

This fresh and flavorful recipe is perfect for brunches and breakfasts, plus apps and snacks. A fun and healthy update to a classic comfort food? Sam-I-Am won’t have any trouble convincing us to give these green eggs a try.

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