9 Best Fitness Routines to Keep You Motivated

Keep progressing towards your goals with these these fun and effective, motivating fitness routines!

Motivation is one of the most important aspects of a fitness routine. After all, if you lack motivation, your chances of sticking to a plan are, well, not good. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the nine best fitness routines to keep you motivated and on the path to success!

While exercise is a huge component to achieving your goals in a timely manner, it is just as important that you make sure you’re eating properly. If you’re looking to get in shape, you’ll need to find the right diet for you. We have a wide variety of healthy-eating programs to choose from, including:

9 Best Fitness Routines to Keep You Motivated

Absolute Beginner’s Fat Loss Plan

This beginner’s fat loss plan is simple and straightforward. It’s the perfect choice for those of you that are new to the fitness world. The sooner that you realize that losing weight does not have to be complicated, the better off you will be! This plan is full of helpful, healthy-living tips and the best workout routines for beginners!

21-Day Lean and Fit Workout Challenge

This 3-week challenge can be performed by anyone regardless of your fitness level. Switching up your routine is good for the body and the soul. There is no doubt that this exciting challenge will put the pep back in your step and kick-up your motivation!

28-Day Body Weight HIIT Workout Challenge

Who doesn’t love a bodyweight routine? This 28-day plan will challenge you by getting progressively harder as each week passes. Luckily, the workouts included in this challenge can be performed from just about anywhere, which means there is no excuse not to do them! Better yet, they will provide you with some seriously noticeable results! Look out girl; you’ve got some compliments coming your way.

Lean Body HIIT Workout Challenge

While it is crucial that you challenge yourself with each workout, every individual begins at a different fitness level. An exercise that is difficult for one person may be easier for another. With that being said, this HIIT Challenge has a version for beginners and another one for experienced participants! A workout that is too challenging can be discouraging, but this routine will allow you to challenge yourself without overdoing it.

30-Day Full Body Transformation Workout Plan

Approaching your goals with a plan will make following through a breeze. The transformation workout plan combines fat-melting exercise with muscle-toning moves to get you the results you’ve been looking for. Motivation will remain high when you realize you’re achieving your goals.

21-Day Trim Your Waist Challenge

In combination with a healthy diet, this core-training challenge will melt excess belly fat and provide you with a sexy, toned tummy. Improving your core strength will not only change your appearance, but it will also boost you to new fitness levels by making you an all-around better athlete!

Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan

Enjoying the workouts that you perform is another integral part of success. If running is difficult for you right now, this walk/run plan will safely break it down – step-by-step – until you can run towards your fitness goals. Walking, jogging, and running produces a rush of feel-good chemicals in your body, and it’s incomparable to any other form of exercise. Realizing that you can run further and faster than you ever believed was possible is the definition of motivating.

Fast & Easy Full Body Dumbbell Workout

If you’re looking to build strength and tone up, you need to add this workout to your routine right away. During this 15-minute session, every muscle in your body will be isolated and trained. This means that you will develop a perfectly sculpted, fit, and sexy frame! What’s not to love?!

The Ultimate Fat-Blasting Cardio Workout Plan

You’ll feel like a kid on the playground again while performing this cardio workout! Not only is it fun to complete, but the results that you get will be extremely motivating. You can make it even more exciting by grabbing a workout partner or two and completing it together as a circuit style workout! Exercising with a buddy has been proven to boost motivation and keep you going.

Check out all of these workout routines and choose a few of them to incorporate into your workout regimen. When combined with a healthy-eating plan, you are bound to reach any and all of your fitness goals!

Have you done any of these routines? If so, which one(s)? If not, which of them are you looking forward to trying out? Let us know in the comment section, below!

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