6 Healthy Snacks That Promote Weight Loss

Don't worry, we have your snack cravings covered!

To lose weight, you need snacks. That’s right – we know you’re counting the calories and watching what you eat. And you’re doing a great job of following your clean eating plan! But, you need to fuel your body to keep it going and snacking is a great way to provide that fuel. That doesn’t mean you should reach for a candy bar, though. You need healthy snacks that promote weight loss so you can reach your goals.

These snacks will keep your metabolism going in between meals, keeping you in a fat-burning mode. We also choose snacks that keep the calories low. It’s not all about counting calories, but just in case you are: we kept the snacks at less than 200 calories so we won’t destroy your daily plan.

We know you don’t always have time to cook and you can find some of these snacks at the store, but we do have a warning for you. Store-bought snacks are full of empty calories, added sugars, and lots of salt. All six of these healthy snacks that promote weight loss are quick and easy to throw together, so try to find some time to make them accessible. You can even make them on the weekend so you’ll have something to snack on all week long.

1. White Bean & Herb Hummus

6 Healthy Snacks That Promote Weight Loss

This hummus recipe is one of my favorite snack recipes because it delivers on flavor and keeps me feeling full. It’s rich in protein and fiber, so I won’t be reaching for another snack anytime soon. The super smooth, creamy texture really satisfies all my cravings, too.

Serve this snack up with a bunch of fresh cut vegetables and you’ll get two important benefits. First, you sneak in an extra serving of vegetables – how great is that! Second, crunchy foods will give your jaw a workout, waking up your facial muscles and giving you a boost of energy.

2. “Energy-Boosting” Granola and Greek Yogurt

6 Healthy Snacks That Promote Weight Loss

Granola isn’t just for breakfast – it’s perfect for anytime you need a hearty-tasting treat. Those rolled oats bring the whole-grains and fiber your body needs to regulate your blood sugar, keeping you from crashing at midday. The pumpkin and sesame seeds bring the protein, too, to leave you feeling satisfied for hours after.

Add in some healthy Greek yogurt and a serving of fruit, if you like. The fresh fruit will bring plenty of vitamins and sweetness without having to add any extra sugar.

3. Bananas and Clean Eating Almond Butter

6 Healthy Snacks That Promote Weight Loss

Sometimes, you need some carbs in your life to keep you going to your next meal. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or a piece of bread, look to bananas for the solution. They’re carbohydrate-rich without any of the added fats. Their natural sweetness can help put your sweet tooth in check, too.

Adding some homemade almond butter to this snack brings a boost of protein to the table. That means the energy you gained from the banana won’t fizzle out after an hour. You’ll be full for hours and satisfied until your next meal.

4. Cookie Dough Energy Bite

6 Healthy Snacks That Promote Weight Loss

When you really need something sweet and indulgent for a snack, this is the best of the healthy snacks that promote weight loss for you. One of these little bites will keep you under 200 calories but it will taste like you’ve cheated! The best thing: they’re gluten-free, raw, vegan, and full of fiber and protein. Oh yeah, and they’re totally delicious, too.

Make a batch of these on the weekend and enjoy them all week long when you need a snack. Sometimes, all you need is access to a healthy snack to keep you from getting derailed. I know I would reach for anything when I become “hangry,” so I keep these at arm’s length just in case!

5. Spicy Mango Salsa served with Vegetable Chips

6 Healthy Snacks That Promote Weight Loss

Okay, we snuck in two recipes here, but we couldn’t help it – they pair so well together! The mango salsa is super low calorie (only 32 calories a serving!) but it doesn’t skimp on flavor at all. You’ll get so much beautiful sweetness from the mangos and some spicy flair from the raw onions and jalapenos. Not to mention all those vitamins and minerals from the raw vegetables.

Then, in come the vegetable chips. Why use tortilla chips when you could be sneaking in some extra vegetables? You have a few options here: go earthy with this recipe for Rosemary Beet Chips, or cheesy-flavored with the Baked Parmesan Butternut Chips. If you’re not into the root vegetables, try out these Skinny Bell Pepper Chips or give kale a try with 3-Ingredient Kale Chips. The options are endless!

6. Hard-Boiled Eggs

6 Healthy Snacks That Promote Weight Loss

When all else fails, turn to the low-calorie, high-protein snack of hard-boiled eggs. This one is a classic for good reason. It may very well be the original grab-and-go snack, and you can make a large batch of them at once. Keep them in the fridge, either in the shell or store them in water if you remove the shell.

I like to spice up my eggs with a little sprinkle of garlic powder, flaky sea salt, and fresh cracked black pepper. These spices don’t add any calories to my snack, but they certainly make it taste savory.

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