Top 3 Essential Beginner Workouts

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You want to get in amazing shape, but you haven’t worked out in…well… a while. And with the countless fitness machines and contraptions surrounding you at the gym, you might feel intimidated. So where do you begin? With these Top 3 Essential Beginner Workouts.

The best strategy to getting back out there and attaining a healthy body involves starting out light. More often than not, people dive right into ultra-intense cardio workouts and fitness routines before their bodies are physically prepared for the intensity. This could lead to injury or the desire to quit before seeing any results.

These 3 exercises top the charts in terms of effective beginner workouts. They’re designed for people who want moderate, yet foolproof workouts certain to yield real results. Whether you’re trying to slim down and shed pounds or simply tone your physique, these workouts have you covered. And as a bonus, you won’t finish them huffing and puffing for dear life!

1. Beginner’s Total Body Fat Blasting Routine
Starting your fitness journey with a total body workout is guaranteed to set the tone. Use this workout to begin your total body transformation.

2. Absolute Beginner’s Workout – Part 1
Our shape up, size down workout is a perfect introduction to build every muscle how you always dreamed. Start off with this workout and watch your body become stronger and leaner.

3. Beginner’s Cellulite Workout
Cellulite is not your friend. If you’re looking to blast fat and tighten your skin, this workout was made for you.

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