Top 3 Kettlebell Workout Routines

Leave it up to kettlebells to give you a killer workout.

Are you out of workout ideas and bored of the same routines? An awesome way to mix it up and try something new for a change is to incorporate kettlebells!  Kettlebell workouts are one of the best exercise ideas because they challenge your entire body and pack strength and cardio into one small, simple to use piece of workout equipment. Kettlebell routines will take your fitness to the next level, mentally and physically!

Here are our Top 3 Kettlebell Workout Routines:

1. Kettlebell Craze Workout

easy to learn workout combines strength and cardio so your kettlebell workout routines are time efficient and fun! Feel the burn with 6 moves and start dropping pounds in no time!

2. 4-Minute Kettlebell Fat Blaster
4 Minute Kettle Bell Fat Blaster - Burn Fat Up To 24 Hours

Do you want to shake up your workout and burn fat up to 24 hours? Do this 4 minute Kettle Bell Fat Blaster and burn fat around the clock!

3. Kettlebell Fat Burning Workout

Pick up a Kettlebell and get ready for a serious fat burning, muscle toning workout. Watch the video below and follow along. This workout last approximately 13 minutes.

Kettlebell Workout Routines
It’s important to note that kettlebell workouts are extremely versatile and appropriate for any and all fitness levels. That’s part of what makes them so great and one of the best workout ideas! Workout routines can include dynamic moves that challenge the stabilizer muscles immensely or simpler, basic moves that will still increase strength, enhance endurance and improve cardio

Also, you can use kettlebells anywhere because of their portability. A kettlebell routine can be done in your living room, your garage, even in the great outdoors. It’s a wonderful way to get outside and get some sun for a change. As you can see, a kettlebell routine is one of the best exercise ideas to just try something new or really enhance your workouts for ultimate results!

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