Top 5 Ingredient Substitutions – Cut Fat and Calories from Favorite Dishes

You'll wish you knew about these genius swaps earlier!

Recipe despair…it happens to all of us. You salivate over a yummy-looking recipe, but then read the ingredients to find it has enough butter to give a cow heart disease. Or perhaps you want to clean up the family diet but have a spouse reluctant to give up a favorite fat-laden recipe. But there is hope! If you want to slash fat and empty calories, check out these Top 5 Ingredient Substitutions to cut fat and calories from your favorite dishes.

Recipe Substitution #1: Butter

Boot that butter and use unsweetened applesauce instead. Start by swapping half the called-for butter in a baking recipe with applesauce. If it doesn’t significantly affect taste and texture, increase the amount of applesauce you use next time. Our Pumpkin Spice Bread has applesauce instead of butter. We know you will love it!

Recipe Substitution #2: Heavy Cream   

Don’t let the fat and calories in heavy cream weigh down your favorite dishes. Simply replace the cream with an equal amount of canned coconut milk.
Our homemade Caramel Sauce is made with skim milk and taste ultra yummy!

Recipe Substitution #3: Sour Cream

Plain, non-fat Greek yogurt is a smart replacement for sour cream in your go-to Mexican dishes. You’ll get an extra dash of protein and, chances are, you won’t notice a difference in taste or texture. This Southwestern Black Bean Casserole is perfect with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top!

Recipe Substitution #4: Vegetable Oil

Molasses and Honey Oatmeal Cookies

Unsweetened applesauce is at it again! Use about 3/4 to 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce for every cup of oil in a recipe. Try substituting applesauce for half of the oil in our Molasses and Honey Oatmeal Cookies.

Recipe Substitution #5: White Rice 

Use quinoa instead. This South American grain cooks in just 15 minutes and delivers plenty of protein, fiber, iron, and amino acids. It also has a-low glycemic index, making it a smart choice for diabetics and those watching their weight. Find more ways to use this superfood in our instant download The New Quinoa E-Book. Have you tried our Quinoa with Black Beans?

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