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30-Day No Soda Challenge

by Skinny Ms.

Skinny Ms. has heard so many of you mention personal struggles with soda addiction.  We know it isn’t easy to simply quit. For one month Skinny Ms. challenges you to eliminate soda from your life. This means no soda or diet soda!

Not sure you’re ready to give up soda?  Check out these two posts to learn more:  Soda’s Side Effects, More Reasons to Cut Out Soda and Battling Soda Addiction.

This challenge will be done on a “good-faith” basis. Do this challenge for yourself and we will help motivate you and provide support along the way. We want you to participate because you want to, not because you have to. There are no contracts involved. It is simply a deal you make with yourself.

Even if you don’t have a problem with consuming too much soda, you can still benefit from this challenge! Most sodas contain empty calories, refined sugar and/or and artificial sweeteners…so if you drink it, why not challenge yourself to cut it out for just one month and see if you notice any health benefits? What could it hurt?

If you’re wondering how you will get by without soda, you aren’t alone. We gotcha covered, try these Skinny Ms. Natural Soda Alternatives or other Skinny Ms. Drinks to help fill the void soda leaves behind. More on the effects of soda here.


NO sodas allowed – Diet or regular.  See Q’s & A’s below for tips!

Start a Soda Bowl – Grab a bowl and each day add the money you would typcially spend on sodas to the bowl.  If you normally buy a case, six pack or 2-liters when grocery shopping…add that amount of money to the bowl.  Anytime you find yourself craving a soda, add the money it would cost to purchase one, to the Soda Bowl.  You can’t spend this money for the entire month of August.  Buy yourself something special with your Soda Bowl money.  You will deserve it!  Let us know how much money you’ve collected for the duration of the challenge.

Stock up – If tap water isn’t your thing, buy several gallons of distilled water and drink it in place of sodas.  You can usually find distilled water on sale for about .79 cents per gallon. We have other tips for making naturally flavored water right here at Skinny Ms..

Check in Daily – Take a minute each day or every few days, to leave a comment below and tell us about your progress.  If you are struggling, let us know and ask for tips.

Try having a cup of peppermint tea or make an entire pitcher.  If peppermint tea isn’t your thing, have another kind of herbal tea, the possibilities are endless.  If you must sweeten your tea, be sure to add a touch of honey or maple syrup rather than refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The possibilities are only as limited as your local grocery store, orchard or garden.  Remember that fresh fruit is a great way of naturally sweetening water without the empty calories. This also helps with getting the sugar you might be craving and will help make your challenge successful.


The challenge lasts for 30 days from the day you start.

Questions & Answers:

Q:  I’ve tried so many times to kick the soda habit, but I get a terrible headache that lasts for several days. Any suggestions?
A: If you think headaches will be a problem, start lessening the amount of soda you drink each day…starting today!  Here’s how it works:

For example, if you normally drink 3 sodas a day begin to reduce your intake by doing the following:
Day 1 – Drink 2 3/4 sodas
Day 2 – Drink 2 1/2 sodas
Day 3 – Drink 2 1/4 sodas
Day 4 – Drink 2 sodas
You get the idea. Continue with this pattern until you’re down to zero sodas…then on with the challenge.

Q:  My grandmother drank a six pack of sodas everyday since I can remember.  She lived to be 96.  Come on, do you really believe sodas are all that bad?
A:  We’ve heard similar arguments.  There are exceptions to every rule, including living to be 100 and eating unhealthy on a daily basis. Or, maybe your grandfather smoked a pack of cigaretts every day for 50 years and lived to be 90. These are the exceptions. We focus on eating healthy as a way of life, not as a temporary fix.

Q:  If I slip up and have a soda does that mean I’m out of the challenge?
A:  Of course not!  Slip ups are just that and we want you to continue with the challenge regardless.

Q:  Haven’t you heard that anything in moderation is okay?
A:  True, a lot of things in moderation are okay. On the other hand, many things in moderation are not okay. Can you think of any? We’re not opposed to drinking a soda on occasion. We decided to make August the ‘No Soda Challenge’ month because of the overwhelming requests from so many of you to go forward with this challenge.  Addiction of any kind is typically unhealthy.

Q:  I drink sodas because I like them…they’re refreshing, especially when the weather is so hot. Why should I do this challenge?
A: You should do this challenge only if you want to. We’re inviting you to take this challenge if you have a difficult time going one day–or even two days–without having a soda.  This challenge is for those who want to incorporate more healthy alternatives into their diets but have a difficult time doing so.

Q:  I drink about 2 – 3 diet sodas a day.  I have to be honest, I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with drinking sodas.  Why should I take this challenge?
A:  If for no other reason than to prove you can do it.  What do you have to lose?  Maybe you’ll save a little money along the way and feel the benefits.


The goal of this challenge is to break the soda addiction. This is not to say, “never have a soda again, ever”!  Having a soda ever now and again, is not the same as having to have 3 and 4 sodas each day. We want to help you get through the first month so you have the motivation to continue on your own, if you choose too. Whether or not you decide to continue living soda-free after the challenge is completely up to you. So what do you say?  Will you join us?


Skinny Ms. will serve as a source of motivation and support.  You can interact with us on our Facebook page or leave a comment below. Feel free to ask questions throughout the challenge. You can also find recipes for drink alternatives here, and we’ll keep updating them throughout the month. Put your best effort in and we promise, it will be worth it.  Get started with us and beat the soda addiction!!   Are you in?

NOTE: Skinny Ms. does not make any health claims about drinking soda one way or the other. We personally do not drink soda and have not for several years. We recommend you do the research and decide for yourself.  Here are 7 reasons you might consider giving up soda once and for all.

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286 Responses to 30-Day No Soda Challenge

  • Phhil says:

    Another good option to use instead of sugar is agave nectar. It is on the Low Glycemic index so it will not affect blood sugar. I actually prefer it over sugar and honey.

  • I stopped drinking soda earlier this year and while it took me several weeks to get rid of the caffeine in my body and not feel the effects of not having the soda, I did it! Problem is I started drinking blended mochas recently and now have to go through the withdrawal all over again. But, in the long run, its all worth it…so while I dont drink soda as much as I used to, I will be joining this challenge with you. Good luck to everyone!

  • Pam says:

    I wish I COULD break the soda habit! It's destroying my teeth, because of the acid, and I've put on SO much weight! I've tried to give up soda before…I did pretty well, and I really started losing the weight! But, when that time of the month comes around, I crave…and I mean "CRAVE" coca-cola, BIG TIME!!! And, it doesn't help that I really like coke!!
    I know all the pop I drink is not, at all, good for me. But, even the fear of what it may be doing to my insides, isn't enough to help me stop drinking it!!
    I have never smoked, did any type of drug, and it's extremely, extremely rare if I have any alcohol to drink. You would think, being as strong headed as I am about those common habits, it would be easy for me to give up drinking pop!!
    It's crazy to have to admit that I'm going to need all the help i can get with this!!! 

    • deb says:

      pam, i feel just like you do–it sounds like i'm reading my own story.  i am going to try this.  no, i am going to DO this…this time, for good.   i'm hoping to have lots of support and encouragement here.   i LOVE dr. pepper (southern girl here!)  and i expect this to be difficult, but not impossible.  we're all going to be here for you if you decide to come on this journey with us.  good luck!!

      • Skinny Ms. says:

        Deb, I love your comment…how kind of you to be so supportive! We will provide support by creating more recipe ideas as an alternative to sodas, motivation and more. We're truly happy you will be joining the challenge!!! 😀

    • Skinny Ms. says:

      Pam, We really want you to take the challenge and succeed. We absolutely know it won't be easy…but we're here to support you. Tell yourself you will do this and succeed…and mean it!!! Are you in? 😀

    • Jennajinkies says:

      I am a diet coke addict, but I feel ya!  I am with you on this!  lets do this!!!

    • ditto what Deb said….we could be twins..LOL

    • Nancy says:

      Pam, I was the same and excited to say over the last two months I slowly weened myself from drinking soda. I was addicted to coke also, and my teeth are a nightmare from the acid in the pop, but I haven't had any pop over the last two weeks, I'm now drinking flavored water and body by vi protein drinks now! You can do it!

    • Robin says:

      Pam, you must be my twin. I am exactly the same as you-word for word!! I only quit drinking Cokes(2 Liters per day at least) while I was pregnant and actually lost weight!! But then after the babies were born, I went back to the sodas. I gained back the weight plus more each time, now I'm at least 50 pounds overweight!! I have so many health problems due to the sodas, I am going to take this challenge and do my best to quit the soda habit for good.

    • Jordan says:

      Pam, I struggled (and am still struggling) with the same addiction. It's been about 2 weeks since I decided to give up pop. I only caved 3 times, but it's much better than the 4/day I was doing!
      Try giving it up a little at a time. Just don't go cold turkey like I did 😉

      Good luck!

    • Cheksea says:

      hey Pam! im 23 years old, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE coke, and ginger ale, its funny you say so, because when it is my time of the month I am desperate for ginger ale, if I don't have it during those few days I get very cranky and I feel on edge. And on a regular daily basis I drink a little less then two liters of Pepsi or coke a day, i was 108 pounds and in the past 2 and a half months I am now 132 pounds… and i am only 5 foot 1. I had abs and a rock hard body before this from being a competitive dancer, and every time I see myself i feel disappointed. i know its still a pretty small weight size, but to me, i was happier before. And now I feel tired and out of shape when I am at dance class. I've tried SOOOOO many times to not drink any pop, 3 of 4 days would go by and I would be so proud of myself, but then we either go out to eat or get take out and i cave… and it doesn't help that m boyfriend absolutely hates any kind of pop, he only drinks milk, chocolate milk or water. ( I AM SO JEALOUS ) so I said f*ck it! it has been 39 days since I have had ANY kind of pop, was hard on Christmas but I made it! my bags under my eyes are disappearing , my little pimples are completely gone, my teeth are getting whiter and im down to a 114! i am perfectly happy at that weight and I am so so happy I made it through this, the first week was the toughest but I did it! and I know you can do it :) I have faith in you, you sounded just like me, do this challenge, you will feel so happy you have no idea! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY!

  • Nannet says:

    I'm trying to lose weight for a wedding in September. Soda was actually the first thing I decided to give up….just stopped cold turkey. I'm drinking plain old tap water with a squirt or two of lemon juice in it.  There are times I crave the soda, but I'm determined to lose the weight!!

  • Sandy says:

    I haven't had any soft drinks in over 11 years!!  they are just too sugary… I don't miss them at all….. and the pounds they put on……….

  • Cindy says:

    I'm up for the challenge!!

  • Jayne says:

    I am in!!! I have been trying on my own with little luck!! Maybe now I can do it!!

  • Jlamfo says:

    I have had diet soda since high school. I have found I need the bubbles to get going. Coffee doesn't do it. It doesn't help my teeth & hurt my fertility. I can drink water but need non-sugar alternatives. Water, tea, & coffee do not make much options. I don't drink a lot of tea & coffee.

  • alex says:

    I am in!!! Looking forward to seeing the benefits!!!

  • My biggest issue is the caffeine, not the sugar. I drink diet because high sugars bother my stomach, but I have cut WAY down from my high school life and only drink one of those mini-can at lunch at work (so roughly 5 days per week depending) and have switched to ice teas, etc. for at home. The headaches from having zero caffeine though are the only thing keeping me from stopping right now 100%…

  • Jerii says:

    I'm in!!  Diet Pepsi, my friend, I will miss you!!

  • Kendra says:

    I'm in! I was able to drastically reduce the amount of soda I drink earlier this year but have been drinking more and more here lately. 

  • Susan15022001 says:

    I'm in!!!!  I will miss you, Pepsi!! 

  • Skr515 says:

    Water, coffee, tea, wine, beer or milk…that's all I ever drink. Use to drink an occassional diet sierra mist but gave it up a long time ago. I don't understand what so many people like about it soda.

  • Skwilie says:

    Its kind of hard to commit to this challenge when at the top of the page there is an advertisement from Coca cola 
    Coca-Cola Summer Memories
    Picture the Perfect Cookout – 24 Free Prints with 24 Pack Purchase.

  • Chandlergirls2 says:

    I'm also in! I'm already a week into the challenge. I've been loving the drinks you are posting. it gives me other options to consider. what is your feelings on seltzer water? I love soda for the carbonation and seltzer water has been a nice fix for that, especially in the mornings. my husband quit about two months ago so now I'm trying it. I have a 7yr old daughter who is hooked on soda as well. mainly because of me lo ing it so much. she has been drinking to.s of water and juices this past week and has not mentioned missing soda at all! I look forward to this challenge and hearing everyones progress!

  • hbo1213 says:

    I am in too. My husband and I decided to give up diet sodas and he has done great…me, not so much! I am in…need a good motivation to get rid of the 1 a day I have cut down to.  Soda's got to go!

  • Valerie Lepage says:

    I don’t drink soda often, but every once in a while, I get this overwhelming craving for Pepsi. The worse is when my mom comes to visit, which is planned for next week. I will do this challenge to try to work through these weight loss challenges. 

  • Margohir says:

    I'm in! I have been focused on this all summer, but once school starts it will be much harder! So thanks for the motivation!

  • Jennajinkies says:

    I know that I am an addict, i am looking forward to this challenge.  It sure will be just that – a CHALLENGE!  I would like to accept, and think instead of a soda bowl I will use an empty 2 liter bottle of diet coke and put whatever money I save that usually goes toward sode in there! 

  • Ktmommy says:

    I am in! I've already been telling my friends and family that I want to get rid of my Coke Zero habit next month! Now I won't have to do it all alone!

  • kabrumm says:

    I am excited about this challenge – it will keep me accountable.  I really have already broken the soda cycle but it never hurts to have a challenge to do.  I just want to say that I used to drink at least 3 diet sodas a day but when I started eating clean this year I knew that I had to rid myself of them.  At first it was no problem at home because I felt in control but when we would go out with friends or family that is when I felt it was more difficult because everyone else was ordering them and I thought no big deal I will order one too but then it turned into refiill after refill.  But now after I made the choice to stop it is getting easier to just order water with lemon and I even got my husband to do the same!  So I know that those that are going to participate in this challenge can do it!  We are all here for ya!  The way that I feel now with just drinking water is AMAZING.  And when I did happen to have a diet coke not too long ago – I didn't even like the taste!

  • Becca Heflin says:

    I'm IN!  I am a caffeine-free diet soda junkie.  I've been on this challenge for a couple of weeks now, but I don't think my whole heart was in it.  I blew it on a few occasions.  I'm completely out of soda at the moment, so I'm not buying ANY more! Let's DO this!

  • Marlo Mccoy 1974 says:

    I am going to try this. I must end my Diet Coke addiction (or as I like to refer to it liquid crack).

  • Angelaechard says:

    I am in!  I am going to recruit my husband and my sons to join the challenge, too!  My oldest son gave up soda and has lost almost 20 pounds in 3 months, with that being the only change.  Diet Coke is my weakness, but as long as I have the carbonated water I am ok.  It's not the caffeine it's the carbonation I crave!

  • Leslie says:

    I'm in!! I've been losing weight and have limited myself to one a day, but this is just what I need to help me drop that last one. It can only help me lose the weight faster. So NO soda for me for the next month! 

  • Gigi says:

    I think this is a great idea to take this no soda challenge! Now if I can get my family to stop with me.  Okay, one thing at a time. 
    By the way, I love a product called True Lemon. I add a pack or two to my water. It makes it very refreshing. They also make a True Lime and a True Orange. There is no sugar in them and little or no calories.  You can even cook with them; add the lime to your guacamole or lemon on your chicken. Check them out at  I am in no way affliated with this company except a lover of the product.  I hope that helps you non-water drinkers. 

  • I’m in!  I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am addicted – but I’d love to challenge myself :)

  • Sdspires says:

    I am!  Thanks for the inspiration to change!

  • Hollyl2000 says:

    Don't know if I can do it, but I'll sure try!

  • charlie says:

    I am in, I had already planned on doing this and then saw ur post

  • Tina says:

    I'm in. I've been trying for a couple of months to give up soda. This should be my motivation!!

  • Susan says:

    I'm in.  I need to kick my diet coke habit.  Thanks for doing this!

  • Kmtjapkes says:

    I am in!  Love the idea of saving the money to buy yourself a treat!  I'm a total diet pepsi addict so this is great for me.

  • Christine says:

    I am so in! This is just what I need to do something I have been needing to do for a long time. I will stock up tomorrow on all the alternatives and be ready Wednesday! (and I will be so thrilled if I lose a few pounds too!)

  • Christy says:

    I am in! I was doing really good not drinking soda, but then summer hit and I can't get enough of icee's from 7 eleven.

  • Kim Crisler says:

    I'm in! I kinda started a few days early…but I think I can do this!

  • Skinny Ms. says:

    Charlie, Safety in numbers! :)

  • Skinny Ms. says:

    Holly, Of course you can do it!!! I know you can! :)

  • I'm going to TRY to do this! I surely do love my Cokes though!

  • Hcpclawson says:

    I am ready to start this challenge.

  • Annie says:

    I just kicked my diet soda habit.  I was a big old addict, and I still miss it, but I feel so good having stopped.  Good luck to everyone taking this challenge.  

  • Robin says:

    This is coming at the perfect time for me – I'm so in! :)

  • LauraMcD says:

    I am in. I have been drinking Diet Pepsi since I was a teen and that was a long long time ago. Time to kick the habit. Perhaps it will help in my stalled WW plateau, as not much else seems to be working at this time.

  • I'm in! I will definitely miss an occassional afternoon soda, but definitely worth it to get healthier and cut empty calories out of my diet!

  • Sara says:

    I am in for the challenge! Hoping to help lose more baby weight!

  • Jlytle90 says:

    II'm in. before my pregnancy i was so good all water or tea. When I cut soda out 29lbs dropped like nothing! Now 4months post baby and breastfeeding cutting down drastically… I need all the quik fasts to drop lbs! Back to school this month this can't be any easier.

  • Deryn says:

    Try water with cucumber, lemon, mint and grapefruit..or any combination of those..yummy, healthy, refreshing!

  • Ok, I'm in. I like the mineral water too, so I can go without the cokes. I hope. 😉

  • Mel says:

    1 day left guys.  Enjoy your last soft drink for 30 days.  We can do this!

  • Frisco Mom says:

    I'm in.  I have hit a weight plateau but continue to lose inches.  Still am motivated and am still working out but want to see the number get smaller.  Am hoping this will give it a jumpstart!  Have a family wedding in 6 weeks so I am using that as my 'goal' date.  Extending my challenge until then.  Thanks for giving me the added motivation to try this!

  • Roon says:

    I have gone three days without a Coke.  Haven't missed it too much yet.  Going to try to make it the whole month of August. I do know that I feel so much better when I don't drink Coke but it is an addiction for me.

  • bobbi318 says:

    I really need to do this, so this must be the sign I needed.  I was just thinking how I need to stop @ the gas station in the morning to get my sodas & then I saw this.

  • Dee says:

    I am in , I have been struggling to give up soda for over a year now, and so far the soda is winning!!

  • Emily Patin says:

    I'm in.

  • Lesliekuck says:

    Count me in!!

  • Hlth4life80 says:

    I think this is great! Healthy habits are much easier to achieve one step at a time. I am definitely in! :)

  • Rbailey2129 says:

    I'm in!  I've done this before, so I know I can do this!  But once I had one diet dr pepper, I was a goner!!  Good luck to all!!

  •  I gave up soft drinks 3 years ago.  I drink water and have recently
    started enjoying Perrier.  I can't imagine the damage I was doing to my
    kidneys when I drank Coke all the time.  I have also kicked the fast
    food habit as well.  In the past year and a half I have only eaten fast
    food twice.  

  • Kristen Collins says:

    I am in!! I am so addicted to Diet coke I have to make a change! 

  • Theresa says:

    I hope to be a former diet coke addict on August 30th! I'm in!!

  • Renee says:

    I haven't had Coke in a week! The first few days were hard and I had bad cravings for it, but it's gotten better thanks to Shakeology, a drink from Beachbody. My cravings for Coke and junk food are gone!!! Lost 6 pounds this week!

  • Hkraus75 says:

    I'm in!

  • Len-al says:

    I stopped drinking Pepsi for a year, out with family said it would be nice to have a pepsi as they were all having one and i knew i shouldn't have one but someone said one can't hurt. Well yes it can cause now I am drinking 2 a day, ths time I know I can never have Pepsi again once I stop this time.

  • Jillian Tosh says:

    I'm in! I've just lost 30lbs without giving up my beloved full calorie Dr. Pepper but I've seriously plateaued so I'm going to give this a shot!

  • AmyRN5 says:

    I actually made the decision to do this last night. Stop the diet coke and all of the aspertame drinks. Funny I decided that at dinner last night and you have this article today! I'm in!

  • Joyce C Howard says:

    I gave up soda on May 21. My daughter, who had given it up on Easter Sunday convinced my husband and I do so. I feel so much better. And, yesterday, my boss told me that I encouraged her to do the same. She's been soda-free for 3 weeks now. So, I want to give encouragement to everyone who is taking this challenge! You CAN do it!

  • wetonia1 says:

    Well, already had one today before I saw this, so I shall start tomorrow! I want to kick the diet pop habit for good. I've quit a couple times but always go back to the bad habit. I believe it is truly an addiction.

  • andrea9799 says:

    I began this no sodachallenge on my own on July 12th of this year. I have not had a soda since then and have had clearer skin too. (I don't know if the two are related.) I drank two to three Coke Zeros per day and have replaced them with water. I don't necessarily like the non-taste of water so I add the Crystal Light Pure, or Walmart even makes a store brand made with truvia and colored with natural coloring. I'm proud of myself for beginning the steps to get healthier, oh and I've even lost 10 lbs since July 1st just changing the things I eat and walking 3x per week. Trust me, if I can do it ANYONE can!

  • Jessica Johnson says:

    Sodas are not my down fall and I don't have cravings for them at all, but chocolate is. So, I have decided to give up chocolate for the month of August instead.

  • I am going to try this.  I have a Dr Pepper either once a day or every couple days, but I want to do this!!  Good luck to everyone else doing this!!

  • I am going to try this.  I usually drink a Dr Pepper once a day or every couple days.  I want to do this though!!  Good luck to you all!!

  • Vicki says:

    Here we go. Day one!!!  No Diet Coke today.

  • Gkwinn says:

    Count me in too!!!!

  • Lindsay says:

    Great idea, I am going to join you! I've been wanting to try and cut out soda for a while, but I always let myself have one when I get a craving because, well, what's stopping me?  Hopefully telling myself I'm a part of this challenge will help give me the motivation to just say no to pop!

  • KimberRN says:

    I'm in too! I LOVE diet Dr. Pepper and don't have a problem quitting for months on end then I start with "just one today" and after a couple of weeks realize I'm having one almost every day. It's my go to stress reliever at work but I have a co-worker that will help me be accountable so hopefully that will help in the long run. I love plain old water too so that isn't even the problem, I just love the sweet, bubbly taste of my fix.

  • I crave soda -everyday- and I WILL kick this terrible habbit. 

  • Skinny Ms. says:

    I agree! Tomorrow is fine.

  • Skinny Ms. says:

    Andrea, YOU ROCK!!! Love your story. Keep it up, I know you can.

  • Skinny Ms. says:

    Jessica, Fantastic idea!

  • Skinny Ms. says:

    Debbie, Good luck to you!!! You'll do it!

  • Skinny Ms. says:


    Good for you!!! We're soooo happy you are in!

  • bobbi318 says:

    Day one accomplished.

  • candace says:

    My husband and I are in! However we have about 3-12 packs in the house.  Not all was for us, we had company

  • Tcasto62 says:

    yesterday I drank 10 diet cokes, today I stopped at 2.  By the end of the week, tomorrow hopefully 2 * 3/4's and hope to be down to 1 by Sunday.  Next week the real challenge begins for me.  no headaches today though!  

  • rmc says:

    sent my sister out at 10pm last night for my last coke…I didn't have one soda today:)

  • Mama Michelle says:

    This is the day I STOP drinking regular Coke, with all that sugar and all that caffeine

  • Kellybettis says:

    I have been trying to give up fountain cokes for yrs. I can go a month or two maybe even three but I always slip and get back in the soda habit. How can I make it last? By the way, every time I make it a month or two without soda I lose a few pounds and every time I start drinking them again I gain a few pounds.

    • Skinny Ms. says:

      Kelly, First….take the word 'try' or 'trying' out of you vocabulary, just stop using that word. Instead, replace it with these phrases, "I can, I will, I know I can". It's amazing the difference this one change can make in so many aspects of life. Don't buy it or have in your house. If you find yourself tempted to buy it, force yourself to buy distilled water instead. :)

  • Dee says:

    Screwed up on the first day!! I was doing great, hadn't had one all day long. Supper is my down fall. What can I drink at supper to get over the craving for one then? HELP!! Feeling so down.

  • leehart says:

    I have been thinking about giving up soda– and this is just what I need to get me started.  I am in!

  • Lenal says:

    Day 1 no Pepsi 😉

  • Tammy says:

    I can do this, but I gotta start tomorrow, since I have already had a dr. Pepper this morning

  • Shey says:

    While Im reading this page there is a small ad for Diet Coke.  Kind of ironic.  You might want to go with different advertising…

  • Cacmagu says:

    I have given up soda for Lent for the last 2 years and I always noticed a difference after Lent (40 days). I don't drink sodas as much anymore and when I do, I feel really bloated and uncomfortable. This is a great challenge and I encourage people to do it. Of course, you will have cravings, especially because you know you should not have it. But in the long run, you will feel great at the end of this challenge.
    Good Luck!!!!

  • Vicki says:

    Day 2.  No Diet Coke yesterday and none today.  I'm subtituting green tea which seems to really help.

  • Hlth4life80 says:

    Ok, so the very first day, I replaced my diet dr pepper with a no sugar energy drink because I only drink soda for the caffeine. Any suggestions? I really don’t care for unsweetened tea or coffee.

  • Sharon says:

    I have cut my diet coke consumption in half the last few days, although I have replaced it with another artifically (?) flavored drink, Crystal Light Lemonade, I figured at least I'm getting more water in my body this way. 

  • SheisWolff says:

    I'm not a huge soda drinker, but I do consume it at times and it's so not healthy! I just found out about this so today, August 4th, I start this challenge!

  • Mcamp766 says:

    I am successfully starting day 4 of the challenge!! Hopefully this will be the first day without a headache. I am so excited that I made it this far. How is everyone else doing!

  • MerFowler says:

    I started on July 31st and went until yesterday without a diet coke.  I broke down and had one with dinner last night, but am back on track today!  Progress not perfection, right?

  • Roon says:

    I have gone a whole week without a Coke.  So proud of myself.

  • Skinny Ms. says:

    Right…exactly right!! Baby steps work for sure! 😀

  • Skinny Ms. says:

    Roon, You should be and we're proud of you too!!!

  • I have MS and stopped drinking pop for almost a month. I craved it more than food. Saw a great sale and stocked up. I was drinking 3 cans back to back then sneaking some. It made my body feel horrible. So I think I will try this. The support should help a lot. Good luck everyone!

  • Neelixntes says:

    Been very tempted but have made it through so far without even a sip of Pop. I didn't start the money jar as I have been about the same amount of money when out either for tea or water.  My DH isn't going completely pop free but he has committed to only 1 pop a day. Yesterday he had a snafu but we were gone for almost 12 hours so not going to worry about it.  Sometimes life gets in the way :) 

  • Nurselinds83 says:

    Day 6…..going strong! I've eliminated all caffeinated beverages (even my zero calorie energy drinks!!!!) I feel pretty good!!!! 😀

  • Vicki says:

    I never would have believed I could go 5 days without a diet coke.  Today is day 6 and I'm  doing great.  First day I had a headache but have discovered that green tea with ginseng solves that problem. 

  • Alicia Brown says:

    I actually started on July 11th the no soda challenge for myself….i just started randomly and am proud to say that i havent had a sip, drink, Sonic Happy Hour, glass, cup, can, bottle of soda! And now that football has started for my son….he is doing it with me! yay!! So exciting!!  Its actually alot easier than alot of people think…..the last time i did a soda challenge i lasted 267 days (june 2011-march 2012) Good luck everyone!!! :-)

  • Jennifer says:

    I am in, scared but I so want to break this soda addiction!!  Today is my daughters 18th birthday and I want to be healthier and live longer for many many more birthdays.  So my gift to her today is to start getting healthier by breaking this bad habit.

  • Debbied870 says:

    I think that I will try to take the No Soda Challenge beginning this weekend. I need to lose weight and I also have high triglycerides. I am excited to try the challenge!

  • Kara says:

    I actually cut out sodas the beginning of July and am still going strong!! I was drinking about 2-3 sodas a day. I started to have bad back pain all the time so thought I would try to give up cokes to lose some weight. Its been about a month now and I feel great! I've lost about 10 lbs.!! I haven't really craved a soda either after the 1st week of  no sodas. I like the water flavor things from Hawaiin Punch, only 10 calories for 20 ounce bottle! If I can do it you can too!!

  • Debbie Tole says:

    I've seen this challenge on Facebook and didn't give it a thought until I realized that I haven't had a soda in a while.  And just yesterday I was thinking I would like a coke or something, but never did anything about it.  I've found myself passing the soda aisle at the grocery store so as not to get tempted and I ordered a water the last few times I've been out to dinner or some other function.  So I think subconsciously I've been thinking of all the reasons not to drink soda and I credit Skinny Ms for all the info that i'm reading but not even thinking about. It must be sinking in.  So now I will make a conscious decision to not drink soda for at least the rest of August.  thank you

  • Roon says:

    Went 11 days without a coke but broke down and had one yesterday.  Teacher in-service did me in yesterday.  Didn't have one today.

  • Stephanie says:

    I'm in! To be honest I switched coke to diet coke a while ago, thinking that was better but reading things on here made me realise that I should just not drink any! I do love water, I just get bored of it very easily as I don't drink tea or coffee, just water, all day at work, all evening…..zzzzzzz. BUT I am determined to do it. So far I have done 5 days, and I do feel better. Good luck everyone!

  • Tammysarver says:

    I am in!

  • Walker2037 says:

    No more diet coke!

  • Lenal says:

    11 days now no Pepsi 😉 

  • I have been soda free (coca cola) since July 28th.  It has been hard–really hard–but I have not slipped up–i have been drinking peppermint iced tea and just plain ice water.  

  • jul says:

    Didn't see this page till today..I'm on my second day,yesterday was very bad, headache,tired,today is a lot better,I have been drinking a lot of water..a ex coke-cola drinker

  • Tammie says:

    Day 21 and I’m still soda free! It hasn’t been easy but my husband is doing it with me and that has made it easier!

  • Mel says:

    I'm definitely in!!!

  • Awheels20 says:

    I am in!!

  • TY says:

    i haven't had a soda in 7 months and theres not a day goes by i wishing i had one.. it is a hella addiction…

  • Dawn Lang says:

    This challenge is great timing. Last Monday (9/10) I decided to kick my Pepsi habit. And now here I am one week later, still no Pepsi! I've never been able to do this before, but now I am ready. I have had some cravings, but when I do I get a big glass of ICE water instead. And bonus…i weighed myself today…down 2 pounds from last Monday! :)

  • I want to try to eliminate diet soda.. Ill start on monday next week. This is a great challenge for soda addicts like me. Thanks in advance :))

  • sharnie says:

    Starting today!

  • Mel. says:

    I have broke this addiction over and over and once i cave in just once I crave it over and over on a daily basis so I need to cut it out of my diet and not look back.

  • zimms zoo says:

    I just found this via Pinterest. I decided to quit soda back in December. I am almost a month into it and have only had a sip once. It is so tempting still but I am determined. I want my kids to follow suit as well.

  • TIMM says:

    im in!!! dont know how it will go though

  • Rebecca says:

    I have up soda for Lent, before I saw this challenge. I am still feeling the craving but I have noticed my stomach hasn't ached and I am sleeping better. I hope to kick it for good!!

  • Jenna says:

    I have clinical headaches where im on medication to help with them and im only 17, because of these headaches i cant drink tea or coffee but i have a pop addiction i would LOVE to get rid of! especially since im doing a couple of the other challenges to get that bikini body ready for summer any advice on what else i could drink to not make me want a pepsi! ??

  • Kelly Lynn says:

    I am nineteen. I just had a child seven months ago and have been doing my best to try and lose ALL of my baby weight before the summer. This would probably help. I really only drink sprite but it is still a soda. So I want to kick it. (:

  • Pat Porterfield says:

    I am in and will need the support as Im trying break the soda addiction that I have had for almost 50 years. I would like to try the challange of going for a month without one, I know it will be a stuggle BUT I need to take control of my life somewhere and this would be like a new beginning for me.

  • I am IN! Starting today! Also starting a no-yelling-for-365-days challenge, which might be a tad harder!! Good luck all!

  • Karen says:

    Starting this today…and realized that I haven't had soda in 2 days already. I'm trying to get my husband to join me as well!

  • Kelsey says:

    I know I'm really late into this, but I really want to do this. Today is my starting day, and it does not help that I will be in Disney World for the last week of this challenge! I always get a headache whenever I try this, but I know if I give myself a break or ration it out, I will lose it. Is there an alternative besides rationalizing it?

  • ralph says:

    I want to challenge myself to do this. Whenever it seems im thirsty I always want to go for a soda. When I'm at fast food places I will want a soda along with the meal

    • Skinny Ms. says:

      Ralph, I understand completely…I’ve been there. Here’s a few suggestions:

      Replace soda with water, always. Keep a bottle with you at all times.
      Avoid fast food restaurants if possible. :)
      You will feel 100% better.

  • Barb says:

    I"m in for the challenge.

  • I have to say I only have a soda on the day I have a late-night class or early-morning class at my college campus. Usually it's 2 at the most…then I drink water the rest of the week.

  • kathy says:

    I'M IN!!! Great timing for me. I stopped drinking pepsi for many years but once I have one I am addicted again. Need this challenge to kick the habit again:)

  • Chancey says:

    I am 14 years old and where I live, in the South-having Cherry Lemon Sundrop is a big soft drink. Its basically a lemon lime soda mixed with cherry's and more lemons. It is very good-but it is terrible for my health. I have been thinking about totally changing my diet around. So, Today I googled "no soda challenge" and this is what popped up, it was the first web result so I clicked on it and that was at 11 a.m.
    Since 11 o'clock I have had NO soda and NO caffeine what so ever. I have had water all day long, That is a big accomplishment for me and it makes me and my parents proud. Going to do this and stay soda free!

    • Skinny Ms. says:

      Chancey, GOOD FOR YOU!!! :) By starting a healthy eating plan now, you can expect to reap many benefits. Most people don’t realize the importance of “Clean-Eating” until they are faced with an illness or obesity. Please keep us posted on your progress. :)

  • Nancy says:

    I'm in – I had quit drinking soda about 6weeks ago but reverted back a few times in the past week or so. Need to get back on the bandwagon!! What about Stevia for sweetener? Haven't seen any comments on this.

  • Adam says:

    My problem is, while my body "needs" the caffeine, I just simply like the carbonation sometimes… I'm totally addicted though. I have only been allowing myself one 20 oz. soda in a day.

  • Marisa Kay says:

    I stopped drinking soda cold Turkey about 11 days ago. My headaches were constant the first few days because of the caffeine withdraws. I do miss my Mountain Dew so badly, that I imagine an icecold glass every now and then. But, I've been strong for this long. I won't cave in. lol

  • What about Pellegrino, or Perrier??? Or the flavored seltzer water?? Note I am not talking about the ones that have aspartame in it.. 2 ingredients H2O, and CO2… Pst.. Pellegrino contains calcium, naturally… That makes it taste better that any of them…

  • Jojo Runke says:

    Hey! I just came across this, and I am going to start this challenge tomorrow! I will be cutting out coffee, frappes, and diet coke! I probably have at leave 5frappes a week, a few cups of coffee everyday, and between 20-50oz of diet coke daily! I am so excited to try this!

    • Skinny Ms. says:

      Jojo, WOW…I’m excited for you. I created this challenge for myself over 5 years ago and I can honestly say, IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! Please, keep us posted on your progress. :)

  • Ashley Schaefer says:

    I'm going to try this! I've been drinking soda ever since I can remember. I'm 19 and have gained so much weight from it because between working at a grocery store and starting college it's everywhere. It's so at reach you would think that we as humans forgot that water even existed!

  • LippyMoo says:

    4 and half days without any form of soda. :)

  • Audra says:

    I was addicted to Dr. Pepper. I quit it several times, but always craved the caffeine. I also got massive caffeine withdrawal headaches. The headaches turned into migraines on several occasions. Last April I decided to stop drinking Dr. Pepper. I honestly didn't think I could do it. I had slowly weaned myself to one or two a day and then I decided to not buy another one ever again. I did really good for a month. The headaches came and went but I was feeling so much better. I still craved it, I still do, but I went a whole month and I was so proud of myself. Then on May 15th I had a large Dr. Pepper at McDonald's. I wanted it, I craved it and I drank it. Exactly three days later I got THE worst migraine. I was in bed for 2 days. I decided then and there I would never have another Dr. Pepper again. Well it has been 9 months and I haven't cheated once! I see it at restaurants or stores but I never get any. I did keep drinking Sprite or 7-Up but I decided in January I would give up all carbonated sodas. I also stopped drinking milk. Now I only drink ice water or Powerade Zero. It has been amazing how my headaches have stopped or when I get one it is manageable. I hope to teach my kids to stay away from caffeinated sodas. So they don't have to suffer a pop addiction the way I did.

  • I'm in! I kicked cigarettes for almost 3 years now, I can do this too!

  • burraak says:

    I'm in lets see how far I can go …..

  • abbi says:

    Day 2 no soda no headaches and Im thrilled. I'm feeling emotional but thats about all. Kind of excited that I am doing it!!

  • Steven says:

    I gave up soda and fast food 32 days ago. I ate soda and drank fast food everyday. I've never felt better in my life! I only drink water and replace fast food with salads! I've lost 20lbs! Anyone can do it!

  • Jordan says:

    I decided to give up caffeine and pop 2 weeks ago. Since then, I think I've had 3 total. The headaches and withdrawals weren't fun, but it only took about 3 days. I've tried going to flavored water, but I have to admit I do miss the carbonation.
    I'm hoping to leave this addiction in the past and start to live healthier.

  • C McD says:

    I give it a try, 88kg ,1,73

  • Brenda says:

    Hi! Wondering if you are going to do this challenge for this August too?

  • Im doing this challenge now, 10 days so far and no fizzy drinks. Drink Coke all the time, 600ml a day sometimes. just became a habbit. got thirsty just grabbed a glass of soft drink. Still have a Bottle of Pepsi in the fridge for a week unopened.

  • John says:

    I'm about a month and half on the challenge and Fiji Water is now my new favorite drink. I used to drink 4 to 6 cans of a day of Sprite or Sprite Zero. I told myself that since it was clear and didn't have any caffeine that it wasn't as bad as other sodas. I decided to go cold turkey and gave away all the soda I had to my co-workers. I set a quota of at least 1 Liter of water a day. Have I slipped up? Sure. I went out for a pizza a few days ago and had 2 small glasses of Sprite. Last week, I had a few rum and cokes at the bar. I can accept having a soda once in a while, but at least I'm not living on it like I was for years.

    I'm always going to like soda and I really don't see myself ever being one of those people that ONLY drink water. But I have greatly reduced my soda addiction, I feel better, and a few people have asked me if I've lost weight. I have a dental cleaning scheduled next month so hopefully there's not as much gunk on my teeth as usual since I'm not constantly drowning them in soda.

    IMO, the key is to find the right water for you and if you find regular water too boring, try adding lemon or cucumber. Good luck!

  • Constance First says:

    I love Canada Dry Gingerale and Mexico Cola….stopping the Cola, but making my own gingerale. Boil powered ginger in water, add honey for sweetening and lemon juice. Strain and put in sealed jar. add 1/4 cup of mixture to bottle and use a soda carbonator. Tastes just like gingerale and it is delicious and healthy for you. Delicious!

  • Deloris says:

    I quit soda's over 9 years ago. Best thing I ever did! You will feel better when you do!

  • Amy says:

    My husband would go through a 24 pack of sodas in about 2-3 days on average. He gave them up COLD TURKEY about a year ago to get back into shape for his Army PT test. Now, he thinks sodas are nasty so he drinks nothing but water and tea. I need to kick this habit as well because it's ruining my teeth, and I've gained some weight (especially in the last 2 years or so).

  • Susan Szabo says:

    I cut soda down quite a bit for about going on to a month and a half. It really is bad for you. Don't get me wrong it taste wonderful and quenches your thirst any time but, I haven't been feeling too healthy lately so this is what I have decided to do. Once in a while I will have some soda in a cone cup maybe 2xs a week
    but that's it. My depression seems to be better but occasionally I get dizzy and I was dizzy all the time my
    manager told me to change my eating habits. I have cut Mcdonalds out a lot. Used to have that every nite.
    I hope I see more improvements that I have dropped soda.

  • Mary Garcia says:

    I'm in. Had been doing well at not drinking it, but lately I've been drinking it again. And the weight gain is coming back with it.

  • MermaidJay says:

    I HAVE to do this! I easily drink a 2 Liters worth or more a day- it's all I drink. I don't really eat but one or two meals at most a day, they're relatively small. I'm not a sweets eater at all, and I love salads. But I realized recent;y that now my two young sons keep asking to drink soda (I won't let them) and my oldest who's nine said "I should be able to drink soda because you do." And he's right, I'm being a total hypocrite about it!! It's really hard though, but I'm going to try this. I was off soda for a month post surgery and felt great, immediately dropped fifteen pounds. I'll be checking in with you all soon- wish me luck!!

  • Amy says:

    I was a fan of Mt. dew for years. I have had a 1 diet cherry limeade in one year. Haven't effected me at all and I'm not going back.

  • crystal says:

    how do we do the challenge

    • SkinnyMs says:

      Crystal, You just start the challenge yourself, following the tips. There's not a group to join or any sign up or anything.

  • tiffany says:

    so do we actually join somewhere or do we just say we join? just a question :) im not sure if theres a real way to sign up or anything

    • SkinnyMs says:

      Tiffany, That is a common question from readers :). No sign up is available/required. You can leave any comments or feedback while you are doing it here though! We love to hear about positive results!

  • Charles says:

    Friday was the last coke zero I had in an effort to stop drinking soda all together. I don't recommend the cold turkey approach though. I have been dealing with confusion, anger and headaches since! The only caffeine intake from this point forward is the coffee I drink in the mornings!

    • SkinnyMs says:

      Charles, That is excellent. Unsweetened Tea, hot or iced, (Green, Black, etc) is also a good option if you are missing the caffeine.

  • Teslin says:

    I love Dr. Pepper but I have been realizing lately that I drink too much soda (up to 3 a day sometimes!) and my brother always told me how terrible it was and made me feel bad for drinking it…so 18 days ago I stopped drinking it, I have had lots of cravings and almost went and got one in the first week but I didn't do it! I was also worried because usually when I quit cold turkey I get a terrible headache but that didn't happen this time! 18 days and going strong, I've lost a couple of pounds, I have more energy, my sugar intake is way less and I've been working out more trying to get healthy! I plan on having one soda every now and then but I will not let myself to go back to having 3 a day!

  • Sam says:

    I gave up soda for months last year, I was doing great on a diet then summer came and the only really cold drink we had available at the time was Pepsi, ended up giving in and one drink turned into two etc. After a week, I wanted to give it up before I ruined anymore progress with my diet and found that when drinking water or sugar free squash I wasn't refreshed and barely felt like I was drinking anything because that 'fizz' wasn't there. I plan on giving the stuff up soon, once and for all!

  • jlause says:

    I started this challenge March 1, 2015. I admit I have a Diet Pepsi problem! I workout regularly, watch what I eat, and never smoke or drink alcohol. Yet, I still struggle in this area.

  • Wilton says:

    I haven't had a Coke since January 1st, and the cravings are getting more and more spaced and weaker… It certainly feels great!! =D

  • Hollyanne says:

    Okay, I'm taking this challenge. I had been drinking 1 liter of Diet Mt. Dew a day (sometimes more on the weekends). The last 2 weeks I cut that down. Cut down to 20 oz per day, and making sure those 20 oz were before noon each day. Today is my first day trying to go soda free!

    I'm struggling. I'm tired, I'm cranky, and I'm craving. Bad. Any suggestions?

  • This is day two of my no soda challenge. I have a horrible caffeine addiction, to keep from getting chronic headaches I have had one cup of sweet tea other than that i have drank only water. My goal is weight loss and to break my dependency on soda.

  • jennifer says:

    Tomorrow will be day 28 for me. it never occurred to me how much the restaurants actually push soda until I stopped drinking it. I was at taco bell last night and had to drink water because there were no healthy options.I also had to drink water at the olive garden because I don't drink alcohol and our server gave me a dirty look because I was only drinking water.

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