10 Body Transforming Workouts

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Looking for workouts to transform your body? From strength-training to cardio exercises, we’ve got a stockpile! The following 10 body transformation workouts will have you seeing and feeling results from head to toe (or at least from shoulder to ankle).

1.Total Body Workout for Beginners
Beginner's Total Body Fat Blasting Routine

Just getting started? No problem. Hit up your entire body with this strength-building routine. You can do this routine from home, since it requires no fancy equipment!

2. Killer Circuit Bootcamp

This circuit workout includes both strength-building and cardio exercises to give you a well-rounded and hard-hitting workout for the whole body. It includes instructions for adapting the routine based on fitness level and can be done from home.

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3. Tabata Interval Training

high-intensity cardio workout kicks your body into calorie-burning mode and keeps it there for a day or more! The best part? It takes four minutes. That’s right – four minutes! Research suggests that doing high-intensity cardio moves for 20-second bursts with a 10-second rest period in between for 4 minutes turns on the burn for up to 36 hours. You can diversify your Tabata interval training by incorporating new moves into the circuit now and then. This transforming workout not only helps manage weight, but serves as a great energy-booster in the morning or afternoon.

4. Killer Legs and Butt Workout
This workout, complete with beginner, intermediate and advanced adaptations, contains a number of resistance exercises to strengthen muscles in the legs and buttocks. It includes exercises that target hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh, an area that, along with the buttocks, is commonly weak. Well-rounded leg and gluteal strength are important for proper body mechanics and pelvic stability.

5. 10 x 10 Climb and Descend Workout
10 x 10 Climb & Descend Lower Body Workout
This is another workout option for the legs and butt, but geared toward home/body weight exercise, requiring no special gym equipment.

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6. 30 Day Pilates Plank Challenge
Planks are a big deal for a reason. They build muscles from the arms to the legs with a special emphasis on the core. Core strength is imperative for spinal and pelvic stability, proper posture and proper body mechanics. Unlike sit-ups and “6-pack ab” exercises, planks work the muscles deep within the stomach that matter most to your musculoskeletal health. This workout challenge includes 6 plank variations to be done 3 days a week for 30 days; tailor it to your fitness level by adjusting the duration of your plank holds.

7. Beginner’s Flat Abs Workout: Core Strengthening
If you grow tired of planks, fill in with some other great core exercises from this routine, including the bird-dog.

8. 7 Day Back & Shoulder Challenge
This workout plan contains exercises that work the oft-neglected muscles in the upper back and shoulders, which are important for upper body mechanics and all-around fitness. The challenge also includes cardio.

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9. H.I.I.T. Your Arms Workout
High-intensity-interval-train your arms! This workout has exercises designed to hit up several muscle groups in the arm and shoulder, including the elusive triceps. This is hard-hitting routine; it will leave you sore but stronger, and fast!

10. 7 Yoga Poses to Tone and Define Your Arms
7 Yoga Poses to Tone and Define Your Arms
If you prefer body weight to dumbbells, check out this yoga routine. The poses included not only work the arms, but other muscles throughout the body as well.

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