10 Ways to Beat Fall Weight Gain

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Most people look forward to the summer winding down. Kids return to school, work schedules return to normal, and the heat of summer finally breaks. For many, fall means a return to their normal lifestyle. Unfortunately, fall can also mean eating higher calorie foods and living a less active life, unless you create a plan for weight gain prevention.

As the weather gets cooler, there is a desire to bundle up and prepare for winter. Our bodies begin craving comfort foods, which are often higher in calories and fat than the lighter summer foods we’ve been eating. Avoiding weight gain during the fall months is a challenge, but it is possible. Beating weight gain takes a little planning, but many of the things you can do to prevent gain also help make the season a lot more fun. This list offers 10 ways to beat fall weight gain and enjoy a great season of fun.

10 Ways to Avoid Fall Weight Gain:

1. Move Your Workout Outdoors
You might have spent the last few months working out in the air conditioned gym. It’s time to head outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. No matter your preferred exercise, enjoy it in the fresh fall air. Try this Outdoor 4-Minute Fat-Blaster!

2. Take a Hike
Looking for a fun way to exercise? Go for a hike in the crisp autumn air. Not only is this great exercise, it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the changing colors of the season. Check out these 7 Reasons to Go Take a Hike.

3. Incorporate Seasonal Vegetables
It might seem as if all the fresh produce is over for another season, but that is not true! Fall offers a fantastic harvest of fruits and vegetables your entire family will love. Have you seen our Fall Produce Guide?

4. Track Your Food
Keeping track of everything you eat each day helps you keep calories in check. Stock up on the inexpensive school supplies available this time of year to make tracking fun. Reward yourself with stickers, use colorful markers and notebooks to write down food, and invest in a label maker to organize your new healthy pantry.

5. Burn Calories with Yard Work
Feel like there is too much to do in preparation for winter, and you just don’t have time to workout? Think again! Prepping the yard for cold weather is a great way to get in several hours of exercise over the weekend.

6. Eat Soup
Soup is low in calories and high in nutrition. Use all the delicious root vegetables available in the fall to create a delicious Superfood Soup.

7. Avoid Temptation
The chilly weather can bring on the desire to eat heavier foods. Instead of succumbing to temptation, find ways to satisfy your craving for warm comfort foods in a healthier way. Our Macaroni and Cheese is a great alternative to high fat macaroni dishes that are sure to pack on the pounds.

8. Use Apples and Pumpkins to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
There is no sense denying your sweet tooth. Instead, find ways to make sweet treats healthy. Pumpkins and apples are both health ingredients for desserts. Try our low calorie Pumpkin Cheesecake or our juicy Baked Apple for healthy dessert options.

9. Choose Healthy Holiday Treats
Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. Before the candy creeps into your home and the mashed potatoes hit the table, plan ahead so you can avoid the temptation. Choose healthy treats to hand out for trick-or-treat and plan a healthy Thanksgiving meal everyone will love. Start your planning now and you will be all set by October and November.

10. Expand Your Family
Your fur family, that is. Fall is a great time to adopt a pet. This is because shelters are about to get hit with the influx of animals searching for homes before the cold weather sets in. If you can adopt a pet prior to the winter rush, you are freeing up space for a stray in need of a warm place to live. Adopting a pet is a great way to incorporate fun fitness into your life. A walk with your pet is fun and nurturing, as opposed to the typical chore of working out.

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