10 Ways to Have Chocolate for Breakfast

Indulge your inner chocoholic!

You don’t need to say “see ya” to chocolate because you’re slimming down or maintaining a healthy weight. You can still indulge your chocoholic ways. Here are 10 ways to have chocolate for breakfast—without a shred of guilt!

Dark chocolate in particular can be part of a healthy diet. It’s rich in antioxidants, natural substances that combat the free radicals (bad cells) that cause damage, including wrinkles and some diseases. They also lower LDL, the bad form of cholesterol.

Another reason to enjoy chocolate for breakfast is the fact that it contains flavanols, a plant-based substance that may lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain and heart. While milk chocolate does have these substances, they tend to be in lower amounts. In addition, milk chocolate is typically higher in sugar.

What about the fat in chocolate? It contains a saturated fat called stearic acid, which is believed to have a neutral effect on cholesterol, neither raising nor lowering it. These combined factors make chocolate a fine—and delicious—addition, in moderation, to a healthy diet.
1. Oatmeal Chocolate Breakfast Muffins
Oatmeal Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

Add a sweet something to your healthy breakfast menu with this chocolatey breakfast, which includes oats and bananas.
2. Slow Cooker Chocolate and Pistachio Oatmeal
Slow Cooker Chocolate and Pistachio Oatmeal

This surprisingly tasty oatmeal recipe is perfect to serve for breakfast or brunch.
3. Chocolate Banana Wonderland Smoothie
Chocolate Banana Wonderland Smoothie

Start your morning with this smoothie. The combo of banana and peanut butter will power you through your morning to-do list.
4. Cherry Chocolate Chip Pancakes (or Waffles)
Cherry Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This recipe tastes as good as it looks, but it contains healthy ingredients like bananas, cherries, and almond butter. Bonus: These waffles/pancakes freeze well.
5. Almond Blueberry Pancakes with Chocolate Ganache
Almond Blueberry Pancakes with Chocolate Ganache

Enjoy pancakes the healthy, nutritious way with this sweet breakfast made with dark chocolate.
6. Skinny Chocolate Hazelnut Banana French Toast Sandwich
Skinny Nutella- Banana French Toast Sandwich

Forget about that high-fat store-bought hazelnut spread and treat your body and tummy to this healthier version–the whole family will enjoy this chocolate breakfast.
7. Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate Steel-Cut Oatmeal
Slow Cooker - Hot Chocolate Steel-Cut Oatmeal

This healthy breakfast recipe is packed with whole food ingredients that will energize your morning.
8. Frothy Chocolate Shake
Frothy Chocolate Shake

Who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast? This recipe incorporates bananas, almond milk, and Greek yogurt.
9. Chocolate-Cherry Almond Shake
Chocolate-Cherry Almond Shake

Start the day off with a delicious treat that combines four superfoods, including sensational cherries.
10. Chocolate Oatmeal with Egg Whites
Chocolate Oatmeal with Egg Whites

This is not your typical oatmeal recipe. With cocoa powder, chia seeds, and cinnamon, this mix is a refreshing alternative to ho-hum oatmeal recipes.

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