10 Workouts to Help You Lose the Holiday 20

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It’s okay to let go during the holiday season. It’s a special time to spend with friends and family and appreciate all the blessings we have in life. There’s always great food and drinks to enjoy with the people we care about the most.

It’s normal to put on weight during the holiday season because nutrition and fitness are usually not a priority. Once the holidays are over and you’re ready to jump back onto the fitness wagon, we’ve got you covered! These 10 Workouts to Help You Lose the Holiday 20 are meant to challenge your muscles and get your heart pumping. They’re some of our top fat blaster workouts, designed to help you lose weight and get back to your best and fittest!

1. Beginner’s 4-Minute fat Blasting Workout
If you’re just starting to get into the fitness world and want to build strength and endurance, this workout is for you. It’s easy for people of any level, but enough of a challenge to build muscle and burn calories.

2. Fat Blasting HIIT Workout
This workout incorporates four super effective calorie-torching moves. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest period. Repeat until you’ve reached 15 minutes.

3. 7 Moves for Total Body Fat Blasting
Burpees, rows, lunges, and push-ups. Oh my! This total body workout doesn’t take long, but is amazingly effective at burning calories. Challenge yourself to move up a level from beginner to intermediate or from intermediate to advanced.

4. 7-Day Strength & Stamina Workout Challenge
Improve your strength and stamina in just one week with this any-level, no-equipment challenge. The workout combines endurance training with cardio intervals. Repeat it over seven days with a single rest day and you’ll be amazed how your body has changed in just one week.

5. Fat Blasting Yoga
You can build lean muscle and get back into shape using yoga. This routine is enough of a challenge that you’ll be sweating and burning calories while gaining strength and flexibility.

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