12 Apple Recipes for a Delicious Fall

Treat yourself to fall tastiness--you deserve it!

The leaves turn, the air crisps, and one of the top superfoods is ready to grace menus once again: apples. With over 7,000 varieties grown in the world and about 2,500 in the United States, you have many tasty options for taking advantage of apple season. Here are 12 apple recipes for a delicious fall.

Apples are a fantastic and delicious addition to any clean-eating menu plan. This fruit is rich in phytonutrients, which support good health by breaking down simple sugars (like table sugar) and lessening glucose absorption. Apples also offer pectin, a type of fiber that helps lower cholesterol and satisfies the appetite.

The apple recipes below prove that healthy doesn’t need to be a hassle. What’s more, the ingredients in the recipe ideas below are whole foods or minimally processed foods, which means the body benefits from nutrition without getting bogged down with refined sugar, refined flour, and excess fat. You can feel great about what you’re serving, whether it’s dessert for the kids or a treat for the book club.

1. Slow Cooker Skinny Applesauce

Slow Cooker Skinny Applesauce

This homemade applesauce is 100% whole food goodness without the refined sugar and artificial sweeteners common in many processed brands.

2. Mini Apple Strudel

Mini Apple Strudel

Whole grain puff pastries and raw coconut sugar clean up the classic dessert everyone craves.

3. Apple Puffs


High-fiber apples combine with cinnamon in a recipe that’s perfect no matter who you’re serving.

4. Honey-Baked Apples with Stovetop Granola


With only five ingredients, this treat is a sweet and easy way to satisfy the taste buds.

5. Grandma’s Applesauce Spice Cake


Indulge in a moist cake that’s every bit as delicious as you remember. Our version includes white whole wheat flour, coconut palm sugar, and natural applesauce.

6. Apple Cinnamon Streusel Cake


Forget the sugar and butter in traditional streusel toppings. We’ve swapped those waist-expanding ingredients for healthier options like white whole wheat flour and honey.

7. Clean-Eating Apple Pie


Apple recipes like this one incorporate oat flour, unrefined sugar, and coconut oil for the flavor you want—with none of the guilt.

8. Potato, Apple, and Gruyere Tart


Savory with a touch of sweetness, this healthy tart recipe offers a gourmet taste without the gourmet calories.

9. Slow Cooker Apple Crisp

Slow Cooker Apple Crisp

You’ll love the easy factor in this slow cooker recipe. Prep the whole food ingredients and in four hours the house will smell like heaven.

10. Apple Nachos Supreme

Apple Nachos Supreme

When you want a sweet snack, apple recipes like this one will earn a spot on your go-to list. These nachos have it all: apples, chocolate chips, warm caramel, and pecans.

11. Clean-Eating Caramel Apples

Clean-Eating Caramel Apples

Treat your family or guests to this rebooted childhood treat, which includes better-for-you ingredients like brown rice syrup and coconut milk.

12. No-Bake Apple Cheesecake

No-Bake Mini Apple Cheesecakes

No-bake prep? Check. Perfect portions? Check. Apple-y goodness? Check. Need any additional reasons to try this recipe? Nope.


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