15 Clean Grab and Go Snacks

No need for refrigerating or reheating, just easy clean eating.

Let’s face it, eating clean doesn’t usually mean eating quick. Meal prep and cook time already take up enough time on a daily basis, there hardly seems time to prep, pack, and reheat healthy snacks, too. But don’t take the fast (and packaged, processed) route just yet. We have good news: for healthy snacking throughout your busy schedule, you can finally say “adios” to annoying Tupperware containers and “so-long” to silverware. These fifteen ziplock-friendly finger foods are no-fuss-no-muss, and no-guilt. No need for refrigerating or reheating, just easy clean eating.

1. 5-Ingredient Butternut Squash Fritters

These fluffy (and nutritious) orange fritters are easy to make, easy to grab and even easier to enjoy during a break in your day.

2. Sweet Corn and Kale Muffins

For a snack with a little more “umf,” these muffins are perfect for a midday indulgence while sneaking in a little veggie action.

3. 3-Ingredient Parmesan Kale Chips

Peace out, potato chips. This simple and tasty alternative is so crunchy, salty and satisfying, you’ll be thinking, “what vending machine?”

4. Zucchini Blondies

Another sneaky-veggie snack, these moist, crumbly blocks of heaven will get you an extra serving of veggies without having to reheat last night’s asparagus in the microwave.

5. Chocolate Coconut Almond Balls

For a day that calls for a little more decadence, pop two or three of these bad boys in a plastic bag and treat yourself throughout the day to a little burst of chocolatey coconut goodness.

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