3-Day Detox Meal Plan

Get out of the funk you've been in and get into shape!

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If you feel bloated, grumpy, sluggish, or all of the above, now may be the perfect time for a detox! This 3-day detox meal plan is comprised of body-nourishing foods that will fill you with energy and help you get back on track!

Why Participate in a 3-Day Detox Meal Plan?

Assuming you’re an average healthy adult, your kidneys and liver already do a pretty darn good job of “detoxifying” your body. After all, removing toxins is why we have those organs in the first place! With that being said, it can’t hurt to ditch the toxic processed foods and replace them with clean, nutrient-dense ingredients from time to time.

3-Day Detox Meal Plan & Shopping List

Participating in a detox does more than just eliminate unwanted toxins from your body. It can produce several other incredible benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Strengthen immune function and prevent illness.
  • Assist in the weight-loss process.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Increase energy levels and focus.
  • Create healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Take advantage of all of these benefits by participating in our 3-day detox meal plan! The days are going to pass anyway, so you may as well make them count! 

3-Day Detox Meal Plan 

How it works: The meal plan for each day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a detoxifying smoothie. While you can eat at whatever time works best for you, we recommend spacing each meal out by at least three to four hours. This will keep your belly full and decrease the urge to eat something that you shouldn’t!

While it isn’t mandatory, we recommend buying organic food for this detox. This will reduce your consumption of any chemicals, additives, or preservatives. Lastly, be sure to hang onto any leftovers throughout the 3-day detox; you’ll need them! 

Note: Feel free to add 4 to 6 ounces of grilled chicken or fish to any salad for an extra boost of protein!

Day 1 — 1402 calories

Detox Meal Plan & Shopping List

Breakfast: Morning Lemon & Mint Water and No-Bake Lemon Turmeric Bites (3 servings)

Lunch: Cranberry and Brussels Sprouts Detox Salad (2 servings)

Dinner: Slow Cooker Carrot Turmeric Soup (3 servings)

Smoothie: Coconut Milk Smoothie (1 serving)

Day 2 — 1292 calories

3-Day Detox Meal Plan

Breakfast: Immune Booster Smoothie and ¼ cup of Almonds

Lunch: Cleanse and Detox Superfood Salad (2 servings)

Dinner: Slow Cooker Moroccan Stew (2 servings)

Smoothie: Cleanse & Detox Smoothie

Day 3 — 1402 calories

3-Day Detox shopping List

Breakfast: Morning Lemon & Mint Water and leftover No-Bake Lemon Turmeric Bites (3 servings)

Lunch: leftover Cranberry and Brussels Sprouts Detox Salad (2 servings)

Dinner: leftover Slow Cooker Carrot Turmeric Soup (3 servings)

Smoothie: leftover Coconut Milk Smoothie (1 serving)

Once you complete this 3-day detox meal plan, don’t go back to your old habits! Try one of these healthy-eating plans to keep progressing towards a healthier life:

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Erin Miller

Erin is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. She is also a Performance Nutrition Coach, certified through the Clean Health Fitness Institute. Some of Erin’s favorite hobbies include hiking, kayaking, and hanging out at the beach, although weight lifting is her greatest passion. She says, “Weight training is one of the most empowering things a person can do. Not just seeing, but feeling yourself transform… There’s just nothing else like it.”

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  1. I am not clear on the servings; when the directions state 3 servings (such as with the No Bake Lemon Turmeric Bites on day 1, does it mean eat 3 of the bites?

    1. Hi Janie,

      Each serving refers to the designated serving size within the recipe. The No Bake Lemon Turmeric Bites recipe makes 24 servings (balls) so 3 servings would be 3 balls. Make sense?

  2. So we’re not really keen on cranberries (or dried raisins) can these be replaced with something else?

  3. I have a bunch of questions:
    – Do we have the smoothie with each meal or just with dinner?
    – What about water. Can we drink as much water as we want or not?
    – is black coffee (no sugar or milk added) during the day OK or not?
    Thank you

    1. Ruba,

      Drink all the water you want.
      Yes, black coffee is fine.
      Follow the plan regarding when to have a smoothie.

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