3 Minutes to a Firm & Sculpted Butt

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Want to shape your butt, but think you don’t have the time? Think again!  We’ve got a simple workout that is versatile enough to do almost anywhere. Use a desk, chair, wall, kitchen counter top, park bench, or bathroom vanity to complete the moves below. Now, there are no excuses! Getting a shapely butt doesn’t have to be complicated – with this simple and effective workout, you will be well on your way to glorious glutes in no time!

This workout is all about the number “3”. Glutes are made up of 3 main muscles, and your workout is designed to target all three. You’ll work your way through 3 important moves until you finish one circuit. Each circuit should take about 3 minutes to complete. Perform 3 circuits at a time, 3 times daily, and on 3 non-consecutive days for optimal results. Like we mentioned, you’ll need no special equipment for this workout, but ankle weights are optional if you would like to add some resistance and make your workout a little more challenging.

Equipment Needed: chair

What to Do: Complete 10 reps of each type of leg lift below to complete a circuit, holding each rep for 3 seconds at a time. Work your way through the circuit 3 times to get the most out of your glute workout. Be sure to check out the videos below for demonstrations of each move and to ensure that you are using proper form.


1. Side Leg Lifts
2. 45 Degree Angle Leg Lifts
3. Back Leg Lifts

Side Leg Lifts

45 Degree Angle Leg Lifts

Back Leg Lifts

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