4 Easy Exercises for a Toned Upper Body

These exercises target specific muscles for a toned and sculpted upper body!

Whether age has added jiggle to your arms or you want to be ready for tank top season, now is the time to build that strong, toned upper body you deserve. Check out these easy upper body exercises for women—you can do them on their own or add them to your regular weight loss exercise routine.

1. Traditional Push-Up. Who needs fancy equipment to tone those arms, shoulders, and chest? The old-school traditional push-up is a tried-and-true technique for sculpting the upper body as well as core muscles.

How To: Move into a plank position, with palms down and arms shoulder-width apart. Balance your body on the balls of your feet. Keep the body in a straight line as you lower the chest until it’s about 2 inches from the floor. Rise back to the start position.

For more push-up ideas, check out Tone Up with the Perfect Push-Up.

2. Chair Dips. Banish underarm jiggle and get a more toned upper body with this simple arm exercise that targets the triceps. The only equipment needed is a sturdy chair or bench.

How To: Sit on the edge of the chair or bench with your hands on either side of the hips, grasping the arms of the chair or the edge of the bench. Scoot your bottom forward off the edge, keeping it close to the chair or bench. With your shoulders back (not rounded forward) lower the buttocks down, and then push back up.

Check out Tricep Chair Dip to see proper form.

3. Modified Plank. This is an anytime, anywhere exercise that builds upper body strength, including in the arms and core. It helps develop balance as well, making it an ideal technique to use if you’re new to working out.

How To: Get on the floor on your hands and knees. Walk your hands forward until they are beneath the shoulders and you are balancing on your toes. Maintain a straight line from head to toe as you tighten the stomach muscles. Hold for 15 seconds and release.

Find more simple exercises for a toned upper body in Shape Up Size Down- Absolute Beginner’s Workout, Part 2.

4. Bicep Curl. Want simple? The bicep curl is the ideal way to tone and define the top of the upper arm. Not only will this arm exercise get the body ready for sleeveless season, it also develops the muscles you need for critical daily activities, like lugging groceries or wrangling toddlers. The only equipment needed is a set of light dumbbells.

How To: Grab dumbbells and stand with feet about shoulder-width apart and palms facing forward. Keep shoulders back and elbows close to your sides as you curl the forearms upward toward the upper arm. Squeeze biceps at the top, and then slowly move arms back to the starting position.

For more dumbbell arm toning exercises, try the Awesome Back and Chest Workout or Summer Arms Challenge.

Upper body exercises for women don’t need to be complicated. The only thing you need to do is commit to investing the time in yourself. Why not start today?!

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  1. This is great list to tone upper body in home. Machines can bring cramps or some bones issue but working in home will help to tone body. This is great way to stay fit and maintained. Chair dips are best of all. I love to work with it.

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