6 Moves to Leaner Legs Workout

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Whether it’s summer or winter, we all want to look good in our jeans! Do you want to tone and define your lower half? If you answered yes, then give 6 Moves to Leaner Legs Workout a try. This routine will help you sculpt all areas of your legs in one clear, concise, time-efficient plyometric workout. Remember that regular cardio workouts and clean eating will greatly enhance your results. Though relatively quick, this routine is a physically challenging workout. Get ready to take the next step and get the legs you’ve always wanted!

Equipment Needed: Interval timer (free app downloads in your app store)

What to Do: Follow the video below for correct form. Perform each exercise for 45 seconds; rest 15 seconds after each one. Complete 2 rounds of the following circuit.

1. Squat Jacks
2 Plyometric Lunges
3. Knee Tuck Jumps
4. Hip Extensions
5. Plyometric Plie Squats
6. Lateral Jumps

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