7 Healthy Burrito Recipes

Burritos and clean eating can go hand in hand!

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Love Mexican food but hate the stuffed, bloated feeling you get shortly after eating it? We’ve been there. The heavy ingredients combined with added oils while cooking can really do a number on your stomach. Your favorite Mexican cuisine shouldn’t make you feel like you need to go up a size in jeans! We’ve come up with 7 healthy burrito recipes that combine all the spicy, savory flavors you love without all the fat.

When you use the right ingredients, burritos can be quite the well-rounded meal. They deliver a massive serving of protein, sometimes as much as 18 grams per serving, to keep your energy levels up and your appetite down. And, with the right recipe, you’ll also get your fill of veggies and healthy carbs to boot.

Serve these burrito recipes on a whole wheat or spinach tortilla, and complement them with a clean eating Mexican side dish like our Spicy Quinoa with Black Beans or our Skinny Mexican Rice. Finish off the meal with a guilt-free margarita; we love the simplicity of tequila mixed with fresh lime juice, agave nectar and a splash of sparkling water.

1. Spinach and Bean Burrito Wrap
These yummy roll-ups contain one whole cup of spinach—guaranteed to satisfy your appetite without making you feel like a balloon.

2. Quinoa and Bean Burrito
These wraps are filled with fiber-rich quinoa to kickstart your metabolism. We like to prepare them like flautas, slightly smaller and crispier than your average burrito, and great for snacking.

Skinny Burrito in a Jar

3. Skinny Burrito in a Jar
The perfect workplace-friendly twist on the classic Mexican favorite. Our burrito in a jar can be enjoyed on its own with a fork, or poured over a whole wheat wrap for an easy make-ahead lunch.

4. Make-Ahead Roasted Veggie Burritos
Jam-packed with veggies, these make-ahead burritos are a unique alternative to the same old lunchtime salad. Make a big batch to start your week, then keep them in the freezer for up to a month.

5. Southwestern Protein Breakfast Burrito
Black beans meet eggs, cheese and spinach in this breakfast wrap for a healthy way to start your day without feeling sluggish.

6. Black Bean Burritos with Fresh Salsa and Berry Salad
Just one of these black bean burritos packs 18 grams of protein, and the side of berry salad is a light, refreshing finish.

7. Chipotle Taco or Burrito Filling
The spicy chipotle in this recipe is powerful without being overwhelming; as with many spicy foods, you’ll be satisfied with eating less because of the robust flavor.

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