At Home Beginner Ab Routine

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This workout is for beginners who want tight and toned abs! You have to start somewhere, so start here and then progress to more challenging ab routines!

Never put off starting your regular exercise regimen. If you start now, you can have slimmer abs in no time using this beginner workout, SkinnyMs.’s more difficult abdominal workouts, and by sticking with our healthy recipes!

Equipment Needed:  yoga mat or soft surface, 1 set of  dumbbells, water, interval timer

What to Do: This is a very simple at home workout. Set your interval timer to 50 seconds and 10 seconds rest, and complete this routine twice. Or, follow along with the video for a real time workout.


1. Basic Crunch
2. Toe to Hand Diagonal Crunch
3. Toe Touches
4. Leg raises
5. Bicycles


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13 Comments on "At Home Beginner Ab Routine"

  1. Renee  October 18, 2013

    I find after working out for a period of time, let's say three or four months @ five to six days a week, I lose interest and do very little or almost nothing for a while. Anyone else do this?

  2. Karen  June 15, 2014

    I really wish this had a number of intervals because timers make me stretch my neck and psych me out. The video was extremely helpful! I like that you used weights to help with balance. Thanks for making this article and video. I'm writing the exercises down in my exercise book right now. I'm just going to see how many I can do and try to increase that number over time.

    Thank you!

    • SkinnyMs  June 16, 2014

      You're welcome Karen!

  3. Febz  December 28, 2014

    amazing calf muscles!

  4. LMich  February 24, 2015

    Be careful with the weight on your feet when doing full sit ups. You are not working the abdominals as much as your hip flexors.

  5. JoyD  April 22, 2015

    I think it's been a long time or never since you've been a beginner either that or I am just terribly, terribly out of shape. I don't have the flexibility needed to raise my legs straight up, so I can't do the toe touches. I don't yet have the ab strength yet to lift my legs both up in the air at the same time more than like twice and at that it's slow and awkward, so the leg raises were a joke for me. Not a funny one. The weights would help, I think, but I don't have any. You make the bicycles look easy, but instead of keeping both feet off the ground at all times, I had keep my knees bent and foot on the floor for the leg that wasn't touching my knee. 🙁 They look like good exercises, just not for someone who is just getting started.

    • SkinnyMs  April 23, 2015

      JoyD, If you keep trying to do them and do as much as you can, you will get there.

  6. Ella  January 31, 2016

    Thx I’m a teen and I used to eat a ton of junk food but then I noticed I was getting fatter so I tried this and it’s helped a lot thx

    • Gale Compton  January 31, 2016

      Ella, Smart decision to give up junk food. 🙂

  7. JEssica  April 18, 2016

    What if you do not have weights? Is there something else you can use?

  8. Toni Lynn  July 16, 2017

    I just viewed the 5 workouts because I’m started to get a big midsection, and I’ll be 40 in 6 months. So I figure better get started, and by the time I reach 40, I won’t feel that bad about it and I’ll be in shape. It sounds like a plan to start today. Thankyou for providing the videos.


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