65 Best Vegan Recipes

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We love plant-based meals for Meatless Monday, and we’re trying to incorporate them into the other days of the week, too. Sometimes, its hard to find great recipes, though. There are so many vegetarian resources, but we want the best vegan recipes! So we decided to collect a ridiculous number of them – 65 to be exact – so you’ll have your breakfast, lunch, dinner needs met. I hope that you’re all stocked up on pantry essentials for your plant-based kitchen!


After compiling this list, I can absolutely say these are the best vegan recipes out there – both from our own SkinnyMs archives as well as the popular food blogs Smitten Kitchen, Gimme Some Oven, Chocolate Covered Katie, Minimalist Baker, and Pinch of Yum. These recipes not only cover all meal times (including snacks and desserts), but they span all varieties of cuisine, too. There are classic comfort foods as well as Asian-inspired meals and Mexican favorites. We think there’s really something for everyone in this list of best vegan recipes – including the non-vegan eaters in your life.

1. Fusion Lunch Burritos

You’ll love the flavors in this healthy, plant-based burrito. Instead of using carb-heavy tortillas, we wrap the ingredients up in rice paper, which makes this burrito remind us of a spring roll.

2. Healthy Vegan Jambalaya Recipe

Enjoy a healthier version of the Southern classic by turning it into a vegan recipe. You won’t miss the meat once you dig into this bean-filled, zestily-spiced dish!

3. Easy Vegan Eggplant Parmesan Over Quinoa

Turn a classic vegetarian dish into a vegan meal by using vegan parmesan cheese! This is one of the best vegan recipes because it’s comforting, rich, and protein-packed.

4. Broccoli and Mushroom Stir-Fry

Mushrooms make a perfect meat-replacement because of their chewy texture and savory flavor. The soy sauce and rice vinegar combine to make the perfect sauce for this Asian-inspired stir-fry.

5. Slow Cooker Vegan Gumbo Recipe

Some of the best vegan recipes use the slow cooker. It really takes the work out of cooking dinner! Enjoy this saucy, Cajun-spiced dish that takes little-to-no effort to make.

6. Fusion Paella

If you’re looking for a plant-based meal that’s also gluten-free, look no further than our favorite vegan paella. It’s packed full of tasty vegetables and rice cooked in a savory broth.

7. Gardener’s Pie

Move over shepherd’s pie: this high-protein gardener’s pie makes a perfect vegan meal. We use tofu in this dish to provide you with a plant-based protein that has all the amino acids your body needs.

8. Vegan Ground Beef

Celebrate Meatless Monday by turning your favorite ground beef recipes into the best vegan recipes. This plant-based replacement tastes just as good as meat, but it’s so much healthier!

9. Easy Lentil Vegetable Loaf

Who says you need meat to make meatloaf? This vegetable loaf uses lentils instead of ground beef, but you’d never know it. The legume’s crumbly texture completely reminds us of ground meat.

10. Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes

Sometimes, its hard to find good vegan breakfast recipes – they all involve eggs, yogurt, or milk. This vegan pancake recipe uses coconut milk and mashed banana to make your new favorite pancake recipe.

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