Build the Perfect Beach Body with this 10-Minute Workout!

It's never too late to get the beach body you've been longing for.

Build the Perfect Beach Body in Time for Summer

Warm weather is here, and you may be thinking that it’s too late to get in shape. There’s good news, and better news: The good news is it’s never too late. The better news is that we have the perfect workout for you! Having an amazing beach body is the goal, and that’s what we’re going to help you build in as little as ten minutes a day. Build the perfect beach body with a fast-paced workout that will melt unwanted fat while also providing isolated work for the body parts that get the most attention (we’re lookin’ at you, beach booty).

While a fitness routine is an excellent way to get in shape, it’s also important to build your diet around healthy ingredients. Eating the right foods will set you up for success in achieving the summer body of your dreams. Consider trying out one of these Best Clean Eating Meal Plans of the Year.

Try Our 10-Minute Beach Body Workout

Summer's Here, but it isn't Too Late to Build the Perfect Beach Body. Try this 10-Minute Workout

The most important body parts to work on to get beach-ready are your glutes and abs. The rest of the exercises will be fat-blasting and focused to help trim and tone. Dumbbells will help burn more fat while simultaneously building muscle to leave you with a toned look in the right places. Additionally, you’ll be building tighter, more ripped abs and a bigger butt.

For this workout, you’ll need light (5 to 10 pounds) to medium (10 to 15 pounds) dumbbells and an interval timer, which is available on most phones.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. Complete two rounds, resting for one minute in between the rounds. Perform this workout four to five times a week to start sculpting the perfect beach body.

  • Burpees: One of the best fat-blasting full-body exercises.
  • Dumbbell Swing: This exercise hits your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and core. Use a medium dumbbell.
  • Jackknife Sit-up: A full abs exercise. Add a medium dumbbell to build stronger and more defined abs.
  • Squat with Leg Abduction and Lateral Raise: This is a multi-purpose exercise. You’ll work all of your lower-body muscles as well as your shoulders and arms. Use light dumbbells
  • Plank Tap: Planks are essential for an amazing core. The alternating taps will strengthen your core and help add more definition.
  • Squat + Reverse Lunge: More butt building and leg toning work. Add a medium dumbbell for bigger and quicker gains.

Being bikini ready means having amazing abs. Use these 15 Best Flat Belly Tips to get there faster than usual.

Instructional Videos


Dumbbell Swing

Jackknife Sit-up

Squat with Leg Abduction and Lateral Raise

Plank Tap

Squat + Reverse Lunge

Once you’ve built the perfect beach body for the summertime, hit the sand and enjoy a bikini workout with our 7 Exercises to Bring to the Beach.

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