50 Easy, Healthy Dinner Recipes You Have to Try

These easy dinner recipes make clean eating easy!

41. Whole Wheat Pita Pizza

In less time than it takes to order a pizza and have it delivered, you can enjoy your own homemade version with our whole wheat pita pizzas. They’re fully customizable, healthy, and so easy to put together.

42. One-Pot Chicken and Veggie Ramen Stir-Fry

This dish has everything you love about a good noodle take-out dish without the added calories and preservatives. Our skinny version has plenty of flavor and comes together in less time than it takes to drive to your favorite restaurant!

43. Fish and Artichokes with White Wine

This dish is characterized by simple and clean flavors. Fresh fish and artichokes are the stars, and they’re seasoned delicately with white wine and herbs for a light and delicious dinner.

44. Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet

This hearty and flavorful skillet features ground turkey and sweet potatoes with herbs, spices, and mozzarella cheese. It’s filling, healthy, and so easy to make!

45. 6 Ingredient Buffalo Chicken Noodle Bake

It’s incredibly easy to put together this Buffalo Chicken Noodle Bake. Just mix the six ingredients together, pour the contents into a casserole dish, and bake it for about 45 minutes. Your whole family will love the ooey, gooey goodness!

46. 30-Minute Lemon Basil Shrimp and Asparagus

Another one of my favorite easy healthy dinner recipes that come together in 30 minutes or less. You’ll love the combination of the shrimp, asparagus, herbs, and citrus in this easy recipe!

47. Easy Skillet Lasagna

Preparing lasagna in a skillet on the stovetop instead of the oven cuts down on the prep-time and clean-up! This recipe is a great lasagna option when you’re strapped for time.

48. Instant Pot 5-Ingredient Chicken Tacos

I can’t hail the virtues of the Instant Pot enough! You only need five ingredients and a half an hour to create the most tender and delectable chicken taco filling you’ve ever tried!

49. Tuna Zucchini Noodle Bake

Tuna casserole gets a skinny makeover by substituting zoodles for the noodles! Canned tuna, tomatoes, veggies, and cheese come together with the zoodles in an easy-to-make dish that’s full of protein and nutrients.

50. 4-Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Everyone loves breakfast for dinner on occasion, which is why I included these protein pancakes on my list of easy healthy dinner recipes. Topped with fruit and served with a side of turkey bacon or sausage, these pancakes make a healthy and delicious meal.

I hope you’re inspired by this list of 50 easy healthy dinner recipes. They’re a great reference for those busy nights when you want to feed your family well but just don’t have a lot of time to do it.

Don’t turn to the drive-through if you can make it yourself! All of these recipes are quick and easy to prepare, and they’re filled with healthy ingredients that you can feel good about!

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