How to be Healthy and Fit in Your 50s

'Cause slowing down ain't your style.

Forget slowing down! If you’re in your 50s, now is the perfect time to reboot your lifestyle for improved well-being. Learn how to be healthy and fit in your 50s.

The 50s can be a crazy-busy time for a woman. Family, friends, work, volunteering, hobbies…no matter what you focus on, it’s a must to carve out time to care for yourself—because if you can’t take care of yourself you can’t meet your other responsibilities either.

So take charge of your body and well-being now by taking positive steps toward making your 50s your best decade ever.

Eating Tips for Your 50s

Reboot food choices.
As a woman in your 50s, it’s important to eat foods that support heart and bone health. A diet rich in whole and minimally processed foods delivers more energy, more nutrients, and it supports younger-looking skin.

You’ll need fewer calories during your 50s, so focus on choosing nutrient-rich foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, and nuts. Reduce processed food intake—it’s often loaded with refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, and excess sodium. One of the simplest ways to reduce processed foods and increase whole foods in your diet is to shop the perimeter of the grocery store.

Load your menu plan with delish, healthy recipes like Egg and Turkey Bacon Stuffed Tomato and Bok Choy Egg Drop Soup.

Grab those zzz’s.
This seems like a weird “eating” tip, but sleep actually plays a big role in proper regulation of hunger hormones. Poor sleep often translates into added pounds. Many women struggling with perimenopause and menopause deal with insomnia. Develop a good sleep routine that includes meditation, gentle yoga, or other relaxation techniques to ease you into sleep. If shut-eye continues to elude you, talk with your doctor about safe insomnia relief. Learn more in 9 Tips to Get Better Sleep and then discover the 7 Foods to Never Eat Before Bed.

Boost that good bacteria.
From lack of sleep to hormonal changes, good gut bacteria can take a hit. Eat one cup of low fat yogurt (or one serving of other probiotic rich foods) each day. Look specifically for yogurt that contains live active cultures to make sure you’re getting the beneficial bacteria you need to combat diarrhea, constipation, and gas. Add 7 Probiotic-Rich Foods that are Good for Your Gut to your menu.

Exercise Tips for Your 50s

Nail proper form and technique.
Proper technique can help reduce the risk of injury and strain during workouts in your 50s. Be particularly mindful of form when trying new routines. Exercise classes and videos are great tools for learning proper techniques. Pay extra attention to form when you’re tired, too, because fatigue makes it easier to get sloppy and injure yourself. Check out Skinny Ms. Workouts—many of them include videos to help you find proper form.

Adjust workouts to accommodate changes in your body and health.
Things just don’t work like they used to when you’re in your 50s. Yet physical exercise is essential for maintaining your health as you age. If injury or illness strikes, don’t ditch workouts entirely, if possible. For example, swap out a morning jog for a brisk walk as you recover from a cold or flu. Or try a gentle yoga routine like Evening Yoga for Relaxation. It may not burn as many calories as your regular workout, but it will keep you active at a level your body can better handle as you recuperate.

Try out fresh moves.
If a specific exercise routine is part of your regular lifestyle, now is the perfect time to add new workouts to the mix. The new moves will challenge your muscles to work harder, which means you burn more calories. What’s more, trying a different type of exercise keeps your brain young by forcing it to figure out new moves. Try a routine like 7-Minute Belly Sculpting Challenge or 30-Day HIIT Challenge.


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