How to 3x Your Weight Loss Without Counting Calories

Stop counting calories!

Calorie counting is out; feasible long-term weight loss is the way to go! And with these eight tips you can figure out just how to lose weight without counting calories.

Calorie counting has its benefits. It’s a tried-and-true approach to weight loss. As long as you eat fewer calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight. Nevertheless, calorie counting can be exhausting, time consuming, and not worth the effort.

For many of us, there are more practical approaches. Instead of adding calories, it can be more productive to focus on making small but sustainable changes to our lifestyle. From drinking more water to modifying our workout plan, there are ways we can easily maximize weight loss. No calorie counting required!

Below, we’ll go over eight of the most recommended lifestyle changes for weight loss. Most of these changes are small, but powerful. Small tweaks that can have a big impact in your progress. Try them out and let us know in the comments which made the greatest difference for you!

1. Start with protein instead of a grain-based breakfast.

When it comes to maximizing weight loss, starting the day with protein pays off. Good weight loss breakfasts include eggs, non-fat Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, and other low-carb options.

Grains aren’t necessarily bad for you. However, most grain-based breakfasts, such as cereals, bagels, and breads, are full of sugars and processed carbs. These processed carbs digest quickly, leaving you hungry just an hour later.

One study compared the effects of an egg breakfast against a bagel breakfast and found that women consumed significantly less calories when starting the day with eggs. The reduced calorie consumption wasn’t just visible through to lunch, but up to thirty-six hours later. This means that starting the day with eggs can help you eat fewer calories throughout the day.

A second study found that when combined with a calorie-deficit, an egg breakfast can lead to 65% more weight loss, and 16% greater reduction in body fat percentage.

We recommend breakfast such as this Mediterranean Egg White Frittata and these Individual Spinach & Egg Bowls.

2. Reduce the amount of oil you use when cooking.

Often, it seems like calories are hiding everywhere. Seemingly harmless snacks and inconsequential bites can add up throughout the day and put a noticeable dent in your progress. One place where calories often hide is in cooking oil.

Oil, even oil from healthy sources like avocado and coconut, is high in calories. Oil is concentrated fat, which contains more than double the calories in carbohydrates and protein. When you add more oil than necessary to the pan, your food end up absorbing the calories.

One quick and easy way to maximize weight loss is to reduce the amount of cooking oil you use, our use spray oil instead. You can make your own spray oil using your favorite healthy oil. You can use avocado, coconut, or olive oil. These are the five main oils we recommend for a healthy diet.

The high-calorie content of oil is also the reason why you should opt for baking instead of frying. Baked chicken strips, veggie chips, and fries often have significantly reduced calorie counts.

3. Drink a glass of water about half an hour before meals.

Drinking more water is the easiest, cheapest way to boost weight loss. It keeps you hydrated, flushes out toxins, prevents cravings, and helps you feel full.

A study published in 2010 showed that middle-aged and older adults who drank 500 ml of water before a meal consumed fewer calories and lost an average of 44% more weight over a 12-week period. Although the study was limited to middle-aged and older adults, there’s no reason why this trick shouldn’t work on everyone.

Half a liter of water can seem a bit excessive to some some of us, but even drinking a single 8oz glass of water can help fill your stomach and keep you from overeating. Additionally, drinking water is also a good trick if you’re craving sugary treats even after you’re full from dinner.

Many of us don’t drink enough water throughout the day. If you’re having a hard time upping your water consumption, try making some naturally flavored water.

4. Use small, blue plates.

It might sound like a strange trick, but there’s some solid reasoning behind this advice.

People tend to eat less when they eat out of small plates. The reason behind this might be quite simple. We can fit less food on a small plate. If we’re full when after we eat everything, we won’t go for seconds. However, if we load up a big plate, we tend to eat all the food just because it’s there.

This means that we might end up overeating if we load up an oversized plate. Switching to small plates is a minor difference with big potential.

Additionally, it’s possible blue is the best color for weight loss. Blue doesn’t seem to stimulate our appetite much. This might be because blue food isn’t common in nature. Some experts suggest eating out of blue plates to minimize the number of calories consumed.

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  1. A few of your tips are excellent!

    I dropped from 208lb to 181lbs in 2 months / 9 days …. just by cutting out bread. That’s 27lbs gone! Ok, I did a few other things but I noticed when you stop eating bread, you stop eating other things that you would normally have with bread, ie: sandwiches. No bread, means less other stuff… margarine, processed lunch meat, etc…

    I have a pictures of before and after

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