Meatless Mondays All Summer Long

These quinoa meatballs are totally meatless but have the same great flavor and texture!

Just because summer is coming, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to slack off on healthy meal planning. Thankfully, Skinny Ms. has plenty of nutritious dishes to keep you eating clean through the summer months. Now, there’s no excuse not to continue to eat right and keep up with your Meatless Mondays, too, because we’ve got nearly three months worth of delicious vegetarian meals that are great for the summertime!

Meatless Monday #1: Quinoa Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
Give this protein-packed entrée choice a try! If you have the luxury of a grill, opt to grill the mushrooms, instead of baking them. This will give you a smoky summertime flavor.

Meatless Monday #2: Healthy Tex-Mex Lasagna-
Change gears this summer with this delicious vegetarian take on traditional lasagna. Instead of the traditional tomato, cheese, and meat version, this lasagna is packed full of flavor provided with chili spices, avocados, coconut milk, and fresh green vegetables.

Meatless Monday #3: Skinny Artichoke and Spinach Lasagna
When you are in the mood for traditional pasta, try this sastisfying dish for classic flavor with added nutrients.

Meatless Monday #4: Spinach and Quinoa Salad with Feta and Dill-
This fresh salad recipe is protein-packed and offers unique Greek flavors. Instead of the buttery spanakopita found in typical Greek salads, opt for this lighter version.

Meatless Monday #5: Skinny Kale Burgers
Nothing says summertime better than a backyard burger. Have your friends over for a fun night of grilling and serve this meatless option. Beef burgers are a thing of the past; it’s time to start experimenting!

Meatless Monday #6: Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini Salad
Use the grill again next week and try grilled vegetables. This  is a great vegetarian salad option. Add a cup of quinoa to add protein without the added calories.

Meatless Monday #7: Quinoa with Black Beans-
When you’re in the mood for Mexican, this savory recipe will do the trick. Serve with a side of Skinny Guacamole Verde, and you’re all set for a delicious summer fiesta!

Meatless Monday #8: Quinoa Meatballs-
Sometimes we’re just in the mood for something thick and meaty. This comfort food recipe is great for satisfying any craving for meat, and it’s made with quinoa, a superfood! Try these savory meatballs with Skinny Slow Cooker Spaghetti.

Meatless Monday #9: Garbanzo Curry Burger-
Chickpeas aren’t just for hummus anymore; you can make a burger with them, too! Try our Garbanzo Curry Burger. You’ll love the spice combination and texture. Garbanzo beans are a great meat-alternative.

Meatless Monday #10: Slow Cooker – Savory Superfood Soup
Set it and forget it with one of our favorite slow cooker recipes. There’s nothing like taking a traditional soup, making it healthy, and still maintaining its delicious flavor.




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