Pilates 7-Day 100 Ab Challenge

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Are you looking for a workout routine that will tone, tighten, and strengthen your tummy? If so, you can start with our Pilates 7-day 100 Ab Challenge. There is no equipment needed for this workout, only the desire for ridiculously firm abs! After completion of this challenge, continue performing ab workouts at least 3 times weekly. You will find some recommendations for continuing workouts, below.

Before we get this routine started, check out these 4 tips that work hand-in-hand with getting drop-dread gorgeous abs:

1) Drink water throughout the day and always have some on hand when doing this challenge.
2) Eat smaller portions and check out the Skinny Plate Challenge.
3) Eliminate refined sugar and grains. Instead eat whole grains and foods that don’t have added sugar…eat whole foods and avoid processed foods.
4) Avoid sodas…diet included.

Pilates 7-day 100 Ab Challenge

Equipment Needed: yoga mat

Workout Options:

Beginner’s Level: keep feet on the ground

Intermediate Level: bring feet off the ground

Advanced Level: take legs out to a 45 degree angle

Follow along with the video for proper positioning.

Complete: 20 pumps
Rest: 10 seconds
Repeat for a total of 10 sets = 100 pumps. Complete this routine each day, for 7 days straight!


Here are 3 additional ab routines that will continue firming & defining your abdomen after this challenge has ended!

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2 Comments on "Pilates 7-Day 100 Ab Challenge"

  1. Uniaza @ AimzFolio  July 25, 2016

    That was perfect for me! I thought I’m intermediate but I could totally do advance version. Thank u for sharing. This ones different, not like planks or AIT up challenges floating around the internet 🙂

    • Gale Compton  July 25, 2016

      Great! Sounds like you’re more advanced than you thought. 🙂


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