Quick & Easy One-Pot Weight Loss Recipes

One-pot meals can be a lifesaver!

Losing weight and keeping it off is a lot of work. It requires dedication to your diet and an exercise plan that suits your lifestyle. It often requires changing the way you eat, opting for fresh, clean food over easy-to-make over-processed foods. Preparing these healthy foods every meal can take up a lot of time and energy that you may not always have available. To counter this, one-pot meals can be a lifesaver. They’re the same meals you would eat otherwise, just prepared in one pot or pan, instead of using your whole kitchen. Enjoy this helpful list of a few quick and easy one-pot weight loss recipes.

1. One-Pot Mexican-Style Quinoa

While this dish takes a little longer to prepare, a half hour for filling, flavorful quinoa is hardly any time at all.

2. One-Pot Chicken Breast in Chinese Brown Sauce

The chicken requires no marinade, so the prep time for this dish is incredibly low. Cooked fully within the sauce, this chicken will be as smooth and easy to eat as it was to make.

3. One-Pot Spaghetti Puttanesca

The ultimate in easy, quick meals—simply add everything into the pan and cook until it’s done. The result is a flavorful, delicious dish that makes a well-balanced way to end a busy day.

4. One-Pot Carrot and Broccoli Couscous

Carrots, broccoli, and couscous together make a balanced, delicious meal, and their easy preparation in this dish is the cherry on top. The only time variable here is bringing the broth to a boil, but that’s a small price to pay for a simple, complete meal in very little time.

5. One-Pot Coconut Curry Shrimp

It never hurts to add a bit of seafood into your diet. Although this may seem like it has a lot of steps, but it is worth it in the end for a spicy, rich dinner you’ll want to gobble up again and again.

6. One-Pot Curried Coconut Chicken

Add this in to your dinner rotation for some easy, flavorful fare. Since this dish is so hands-off, you’re free to prepare some delicious brown rice or another grain alongside it.

What one-pot meals have helped you keep off your weight? Share them with us in the comments!

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