Top Fitness Challenges for Total Body Transformation

Challenge your body from head to toe!

21-Day Double Workout Challenge

Whether you’re bashful about batwings or sheepish about cankles, you know it’s time to take positive steps toward health and fitness. Whether you want to look fabulous for an upcoming wedding, or simply want to feel better about your body overall, regular exercise is a can’t-miss part of reaching that goal. That’s why you need the best total body transformation fitness challenges.

These workout routines are designed to target and tone common trouble spots, so you’ll feel like a more fit, more confident version of you. Use the routines below on their own, or, for a comprehensive and convenient program, check out our Total Body Transformation Program. This 12-week package contains everything you need, including instructional videos, to sculpt the body from head to toe. 

Remember, total body transformation requires more than sweat. It requires fuel that nourishes the body, and doesn’t junk it up with fat, sodium, and artificial chemicals. Do right by yourself and try these 5 Clean-Eating Lunches to Take to Work or 5 Skinny Dinners to Satisfy Your Comfort Food Cravings.

Shoulders & Back

7-Day Back & Shoulder Challenge – A sculpted shoulder/back area makes the waist look smaller, so give this workout a try. When it comes to fitness challenges, you can’t beat this one, which also helps to reduce back fat.  

Armed & Dangerous Challenge – Defined shoulders look sexy any season of the year, so make this workout part of your total body transformation. It works the shoulders, plus the upper arms, for a look you’ll love.


Workday Arms Challenge – Get strong, sculpted arms with this simple workout. Perform all the reps at once, or break them up throughout the day. Either way, you’ll be toning and tightening your way to arm awesomeness.

Summer Arms Challenge – Summertime isn’t the only time for sexy arms! Whether you want to build muscle for increased metabolism, or you want to look great for that warm weather getaway, this is one of the best fitness routines for your arms.      


Awesome Abs Challenge – Abs are key when it comes to creating a total body transformation, so it’s no surprise that this is one of our most popular fitness challenges. This is the kind of workout that will make you wish it was bikini weather year-round!

7-Day Ab Challenge – Forget traditional sit-ups. Regularly doing workout challenges like this one will give you the defined abs you’ve always wanted. This intense routine will jumpstart stomach muscles into show-off condition.


Glute, Butt, Bootie Challenge – It doesn’t matter what you call your tush, this challenge will deliver the roundness and firmness you’re looking for. It only takes 20 minutes per workout, and that’s a small price to pay for a bottom worthy of a new jeans purchase!

Summer Butt Challenge – This routine isn’t just for showing off in shorts and swimsuits. Get a strong, rounded look no matter what the season with one of our best fitness routines for the derrière.

Workday Butt Challenge – You won’t need a gym membership for this routine, which is ideal for working toward total body transformation. This is a workout you can do at home or work to build muscles and burn fat.  


Fat-Burning & Leg Workout Challenge  Tone up the legs with this routine, which you can do all at once or break up throughout the day. It creates a sculpted look and increases muscle mass for better fat burning.

Killer Legs Challenge – This workout is a winner when it comes to fitness challenges. Use weights to define and strengthen legs so they look longer, leaner, and lovelier.  

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