10 Clean Ways to Add Protein to Your Smoothies

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Powering up with a smoothie that’s high in protein is a great way to start your day. Most women need about 46 grams of protein per day, and getting a head start in the morning isn’t a bad idea. And while protein powders are convenient, they’re also expensive. You can enjoy protein smoothies inexpensively by adding natural ingredients that come with other nutritional benefits as well. Consider the following 10 clean ways to add protein to your smoothies.

1. Avocado
Avocado is a superfood, packed with vitamin C, healthy fats, and 4 grams of protein per fruit. It will also make your smoothie creamy and rich. This Avocado Pear Smoothie is a quick and easy recipe.

2. Greek Yogurt
Half a cup of fat-free Greek Yogurt gives you 12 grams of protein, a quarter of your daily recommended value. It also adds a nice, creamy consistency. Check out our Banana Grape Smoothie recipe with Greek yogurt.

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3. Soy Milk
Soy milk is low in calories and cholesterol-free. It also contains 8 grams of protein per cup. Use it in this Pineapple Breeze Smoothie.

4. Almonds
One ounce of raw almonds contains 6 grams of protein! You’ll love them in this Almond Protein Smoothie.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

5. Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a protein powerhouse, with 8 grams of protein in a single tablespoon. Add it to antioxidant-rich chocolate and other protein-packing ingredients like Greek Yogurt and milk in this Chocolate Peanut Butter Paradise Smoothie.

6. Skim Milk
One cup of skim milk contains 8.5 grams of protein. Enjoy it in this Fountain of Youth Smoothie, which calls for nutrient-packed kale, spinach, banana, and kiwi.

7. Quinoa
It may seem strange to add a grain to a smoothie, but quinoa will blend right in (so to speak). It’s a complete protein, which means it contains all nine amino acids we need in our diets to remain healthy. Half a cup gives you 12 grams of protein. Add it to antioxidant-rich raspberries and green tea in this Quinoa Banana Berry Smoothie.

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8. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are another complete protein. Adding in just one tablespoon will tack on an extra 1.5 grams of protein to your smoothie, along with a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Try ground flaxseeds in combination with other nutrient-dense foods in this green Cleanse & Detox Smoothie.

9. Wheat Germ
Containing 8 grams of protein per quarter cup, wheat germ is also rich in iron and fiber. Enjoy it with a classic flavor combination in this Strawberry Banana Smoothie recipe.

10. Buttermilk
Buttermilk can be a bit tangy on its own, but in a smoothie it adds a rich body without adding lots of fat. One cup contains 8 grams of protein. Try it in this refreshing Creamy Green Smoothie with a Hint of Mint recipe.

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