10 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Routine for Free

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There are two things that will probably always be true: exercise is an essential component to maintaining a healthy body, and gym memberships are often expensive. So, how can you get a great workout without sweating away your hard earned cash on a personal trainer, upgrading a gym membership, or buying new equipment? Check out these easy ways to kick your workout into high gear without spending a cent.

1. Use Music to Turn Up The Beat
Working out to fast-paced music will help to keep up the pace of any workout, but be sure to choose workout music that you can keep up with.

2. Combine Exercises for a Full-Body Workout
Don’t let your arms slack off while your legs do all the work, and vice versa. Doing squats? Grab some dumbbells and get curling.

10 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Routine for Free

3. Use Your Body Weight
No time or money for the gym? Get a free workout anywhere and anytime by doing wall-sits, tricep dips, squats, lunges, and countless other challenging exercises that use your own bodyweight to help you feel the burn.

4. Pause and Fast-Forward Your Workouts
Slowing down reps of any exercise or cardio routine allows you to focus on using the proper form and fully engaging your body, while speeding up those exercise benefits your body by increasing your heart rate and stamina.


5. Take Your Workout Out of The Gym
Incorporate exercise into other parts of your life. Staying home? Add some leg-burning lunges into laundry day. Going out? Dance to feel the beat, and the burn. Schedule a night of dancing for girls’ night or date night.

6. Change Your Moves
If you normally do an exercise one way, try it another way to keep your body guessing and working hard, while activating different muscles. Do you normally stand while doing bicep curls? Try dropping into a lunge. Push-ups on the ground? Raise your legs to the sofa, a bench, or stability ball.

7. Take It Side to Side
Bilateral movements challenge your body and tighten your core. Try turning your jog to a sideways shuffle or grapevine, or add a twist to crunches for an abdominal workout that sculpts your sides.

8. Build Your Own Boot Camp
Repeat any variety of strength training or cardio movements for a full-body workout. Alternate sets of jumping jacks, jump roping (with or without a rope), squats, lunges, and other fat-burning exercises for a time limit then repeat the circuit to design a boot camp that is perfect for you.

10 Ways to Boost Your Fitness Routine for Free

9. Workout With a Buddy or Group
Stay motivated and have fun by working out with friends. Can’t get people to get together? Join a fitness social networking website with a friend or on your own to keep on track and stay motivated.

10. Be Your Own Competitor
Set weekly goals for each week. Keep track of your Personal Records (PRs), and consider rewarding yourself for achieving new records.

Getting a great workout doesn’t have to be hard on your wallet, too. From changing the way you exercise to throwing in a few things like new exercise moves, music, and enlisting a friend, family member, or co-worker to join you on your journey to a healthy body, boosting your fitness routine can be easy and it won’t cost you a penny.

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