11 Bodyweight Circuit Workouts

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Women often store excess fat in the thighs and butt. Using your own body weight during a circuit workout is an effective way to shape up and shed those stubborn pounds! Circuit workouts hit all the problem spots and leave no muscle group in the dust, helping you attain maximum results in minimum time.

These workouts are simple, customizable, and certain to jumpstart your metabolism. What are you waiting for? Get your blood flowing, heart pumping, and prepare to torch calories and see results. Blast through these 11 Bodyweight Circuit Workouts and sculpt your body into the dream figure you’ve always wanted!

1. WeightLESS Workout Challenge

WeightLESS Workout Challenge
This bodyweight circuit workout hits every muscle you’ve ever wanted to reshape. Jump, dip and lunge to a toned body.

2. Lower Back Body Weight Workout

Lower Back Love Workout
Your lower back takes on a lot of stress during the day. Use this workout to build strength and meet life’s daily demands.

3. Use Your Own Body Weight Workout

Use Your Own Body Weight Workout
Use your own body weight and any environment for this fun workout. Head outdoors, find a bench, and burn through this circuit workout.

4. Hustle-Up Body Weight Workout

Hustle-Up Body Weight Workout
The faster you work, the more calories you’ll burn. Hustle hard with this body weight workout and let the fat run off your body.

5. Insane Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge

Insane Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge
Boot camps are designed to push your body beyond your normal plateau. Use this workout to dig deeper and break past your limits.

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