11 Quick Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

From parfaits to toasts to protein-packed burritos, these breakfasts range from hardy to light.

6. Breakfast Yogurt Parfait To Go

Breakfast Yogurt Parfait To Go

On especially busy mornings, it helps to have pre-made healthy breakfasts waiting to be eaten on the go. This simple parfait is served in a jar to maximize portability and style.

7. Protein Egg and Tomato on Toast

Protein Egg & Tomato on Toast

This breakfast offers proteins, antioxidants, and good carbohydrates in one simple, easy-to-make meal. This breakfast can be multitasked, as poaching, toasting, and slicing can all be done at the same time.

8. Southwestern Protein Breakfast Burrito

Southwestern Protein Breakfast Burrito

Made ahead of time, these burritos can be reheated in a few minutes and enjoyed on a busy morning. These protein-filled delights are vegetarian, and the recipe also offers simple vegan substitutions.

For more protein-rich breakfasts, see 10 High-Protein Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss.

9. Banana Blueberry Bars

Banana Blueberry Bars

Filled with potassium and omega-3s, these fruit bars make for a balanced, clean way to start the day. One batch makes nine bars, so an hour of baking results in over a week’s worth of quick, healthy breakfasts.

10. Bagel with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Provolone

Bagel with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Provolone Recipe

This breakfast is as simple as it is delicious. Put together a whole-grain bagel, sun-dried tomatoes, and slices of provolone in just a few minutes for a tasty, healthy alterlative to a traditional breakfast bagel.

11. Berry Almond Breakfast Quinoa

Berry Almond Breakfast Quinoa

Quinoa can be prepared for a few days before eating and can be served as simply as cereal. Fruits and nuts add additional nutrients and proteins to this clean breakfast.

For additional ideas on healthy breakfasts, check out 9 Nutrient-Rich Foods to Add to your Breakfast and the 7-Day Breakfast Smoothie Challenge.

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