30-Day Guide to Low-Point Weight Watchers Snacks

Snacks that do your body good!

clean-eating almond butter and jelly

Don’t stress out about what to munch on when you’re using Weight Watchers to shed pounds and inches! Check out this 30-day guide to low-point Weight Watchers snacks that don’t taste like cardboard.

While it’s important to monitor food intake when you’re working to lose weight, it’s also important that you don’t starve your body of the nutrients it needs. One way to make sure you’re fueling your muscles and organs is to eat one or two small snacks each day.

Healthy choices, like the Weight Watchers snacks on our list, are full of ingredients that are minimally processed or whole. From healthy fat in avocados to potassium in bananas to fiber in sweet potatoes, the recipes below deliver the nutrients necessary for weight loss and better health. You’ll find several dips on the list too—they’re the perfect way to zest up fresh fruits and veggies, which are often naturally low in calories and SmartPoints.

We’ve chosen low-point snack options that will fit right into your Weight Watchers eating plan, but remember to always look at the recipe serving size and then measure out that portion so you’re not overeating.

This snack plan is divided into weeks, so you can easily make recommended recipes at the beginning of the week or mid-week, and then enjoy leftovers over the next several days. When you’re not snacking on these recipes, stick to fresh food snacks, like a banana or carrot slices.

Week One: Weight Watchers Snacks

3-Ingredient Almond Butter Yogurt Dip | 3 Freestyle SmartPoints
Bell Pepper Candy | 1 Freestyle SmartPoint
Chili-Lime Spiced Pumpkin Seeds | 6 Freestyle SmartPoints
Skinny Salsa Dip | 2 Freestyle SmartPoints

Week Two: Weight Watchers Snacks

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus | 3 Freestyle SmartPoints
Almond Butter and Banana Sandwiches | 5 Freestyle SmartPoints
Weight Watchers Everything Dip | 5 Freestyle SmartPoints
Slow Cooker Skinny Applesauce | 6 Freestyle SmartPoints

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