5 Low-Cal Dinners for Meat Eaters

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With all of the hype about vegetarian and vegan eating, you might be under the impression that there’s no place for meat in your diet. When eaten in moderation, meat can be a healthy addition to your diet, and will still allow you to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meat is high in protein, iron, and many of the other nutrients we need to remain healthy. Here are five meals that are meat-based, but still hearty and low in calories.

5 Low-Cal Dinners for Meat Eaters:

1.) Blackened Skirt Steak BLT Salad
By adding a little bit of steak to a large green salad, you can enjoy a good steak AND get a whole lot of nutrition, too. Plus, this fresh salad weighs in at only 380 calories. What’s not to love?

2.) Texas Style Beef Brisket and Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw
Bring the south down home with this SkinnyMs. Favorite.

3.) Mushroom Steak and Fajita Sandwiches
Spice up your dinners with this tasty fajita sandwich. Try it with our zesty Guacamole Verde.­­­

4.) Slow Cooker Mandarin Beef
Go for something different with this slow cooker meal. It’s fun and full of bright citrus and traditional Asian seasonings. And, it’s only 153 calories per serving.

5.) Mama’s Roadhouse Chili
When you’re in the mood for comfort food, nothing hits the spot quite like chili. Put this skinny version in the slow cooker on a rainy day.

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