5 Small Changes to Help You Lose Pounds Fast

Slim down with these quick tips.

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Rock a new look sooner rather than later! Small tweaks to your lifestyle can add up for a big-time payoff. In addition to choosing healthy foods and exercising regularly, incorporate these 5 small changes to help you lose pounds fast.

1. Drink your H2O.

When you want to lose weight fast, tips don’t come much simpler than this one. Consume plenty of water throughout the day to curb hunger, and drink one full glass before every meal to prevent overeating. Another benefit to consuming water is that it helps flush toxins from your system naturally–no supplements or pricey procedures needed! Quench your thirst with 3 Delicious Cleanse & Detox Waters and Ginger, Lime, and Mint-Flavored Sparkling Water.

2. Serve food on smaller plates.

Large plates actually trick us into consuming more food, leading to oversized portions and weight gain.Research shows that people who eat from small plates consume less food, in some cases as much as a 30% reduction [1]. Eat from a salad-sized plate to keep portions in check. Don’t forget to downsize your bowls too! Try out those small plates with recipes like Skinny Bell Pepper Pizza Boats or Crispy Sweet Potato Wedges & Spicy Mayo.

3. Eat snacks.

That’s right—you can lose pounds fast by fueling the body throughout the day with a small snack each morning and afternoon. Snacks help keep insulin levels more stable so you can better fend off cravings for unhealthy foods. What’s more, it’s not uncommon to cut too many calories in an effort to lose weight. The problem with very low-calorie diets is that they kick the body into starvation mode, lowering the metabolism. Healthy snacks help ensure you’re consuming enough calories to prevent that metabolism slowdown. Munch on 6 Scrumptious Snacks for an Immediate Metabolism Boost or 15 Satisfying Snacks Under 100 Calories.

4. Eat veggies with every meal–even breakfast.

Veggies aren’t just for side dishes! These low-calorie foods bulk up the diet with fiber and supercharge it with nutrients that support weight loss. Add veggies to soups, salads, omelets, and more. Try adding pureed vegetables, like pumpkins or carrots, to dishes like pasta sauces, casseroles, or oatmeals. Recipes like Brunch Burritos or Crustless Vegetable Quiche are also tasty ways to add vegetables to the breakfast menu.

5. Use a fitness tracker or pedometer.

With our crazy lifestyles, it’s easy to lose track of how much–or how little–we’re moving. One no-hassle way to lose pounds fast is to get a visual of your activity levels with a fitness tracker or pedometer. Shoot for 10,000 steps daily. Monitor how many you’re taking each day, and then make adjustments as needed. Low on steps by lunchtime? Take a quick turn around the neighborhood or office building to catch up. Add new routines and more activity to your weight loss plan with Weight Lifting Plan for Beginners and 15 Workouts in 15 Minutes or Fewer.



[1] Cornell University


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