6 Reasons To Include Coconut Oil In Your Workout Plan

It’s time to start getting more from your workout! Coconut oil is a superfood that contains antioxidants and nutrients. This miraculous oil can really help when added to your workout plan. In addition to its fabulous health benefits, coconut oil smells amazing. When buying coconut oil, choose organic, unrefined brands for maximum benefits. Read below to discover our top six reasons to include coconut oil in your workout plan.

1. Energy

When you work out, you need energy. Coconut oil will naturally give you the energy you need without making you crash later due to its slow-digesting fats. Thanks to the medium chain fatty acids present in the superfood, your body digests, metabolizes coconut oil to produce energy differently than it uses other foods. And because it doesn’t put stress on your digestion system, the oil is basically sent straight to your liver and used as fuel!

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2. Build Muscle

Adding coconut oil to your diet will help you build the muscle you want when working out due to its fat-burning properties. Testosterone plays an important role in toning up and building muscle, and coconut oil helps accelerate the enzyme activity associated with the production of testosterone.

Give your body’s muscle-building properties a little nudge by munching on these clean and healthy No Bake Chocolate Coconut Macaroons before a workout!

3. Stop Hunger

Coconut oil can make you feel full for longer periods of time. Coconut contains fats, but don’t worry! They’re the good kind. Your body needs the healthy fats found in coconut oil. These fats contribute to coconut oil’s myriad health benefits. Research shows that the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil can reduce your appetite, and delay feelings of hunger by helping you feel fuller longer.

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Chocolate Coconut Almond Balls

4. Endurance

Adding some coconut oil to your protein shake before your workout will give you the power you need. In fact, many athletes have turned to the oil as a fueling strategy, as it does help restore hydration and electrolyte levels. Just a teaspoon might help you push through your exercise routine without crashing!

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5. Weight Loss

Coconut oil will help you stay toned. Eating coconut oil on a daily basis will help your body lose weight and continue to gain muscle. The superfood contains a bunch of medium chain saturated fatty acids, which boost your metabolism and can help you shed pounds. Meanwhile, coconut oil stabilizes blood sugar, which can ultimately curb cravings, increase satiety, and ultimately consume fewer calories.

Learn everything you need to know about losing inches with coconut oil with Lose Weight With Coconut Oil.

6. Immune Booster

You can’t exercise when you’re feeling under the weather. You need to feel energized and healthy in order to squeeze in a daily workout, and having a great immune system will help you do just that. Coconut oil will help you fight off those colds so you can stay in the gym for as long as you want!


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