8 High Calorie Foods to Avoid

Calories do count. Losing weight requires burning more calories than you take in. So if you’re in the process of shedding pounds, one of your primary missions is to identify those high-calorie foods that cause the scale to creep up. Be on the lookout for High-Cal Culprits.

Here are 8 High Calorie Foods to Avoid:

1. Processed meats: Being high in calories may be the least of the problems with processed meats. Not only do they pack on too many calories, they’re also high in heart-unhealthy saturated fats. Just say “no” to sausage, salami, etc. Fuel up with plant-based proteins, lean meats, or fish instead. Click here to learn about 9 Plant-Based Proteins you can feel good about adding to your diet.

2. Potato chips: That old snack food standby is a high-calorie offender in the 1st degree. An ounce delivers an average of 150 calories, mostly from fat. Be wary of low-fat varieties as well, since many have added salt and sugar to bolster the taste. Make a better choice with an alternative like these Sweet Potato Chips.

3. Ice cream: This summer-time treat is not weight-loss friendly. Not only is it high in sugar, fat, and calories, it’s also the kind of food that tempts many of us into throwing proper portion sizes out the window. Replace your regular indulgence with this 116-calorie Skinny Strawberry Ice Cream (no ice cream maker required).

4. French Fries: Potatoes can be healthy. Their cut and fried cousins, french fries—not even remotely. Fries, especially those from most fast food places, are virtually dripping with unhealthy fat and calories. For a refreshing change—one that slashes calories without sacrificing taste—try these Oven Sweet Potato Fries.

5. Store-Bought Fruit Juice: Those cartons showing luscious-looking fruits appear healthy, don’t they? In truth, many are nothing more than a sugar-added, high-calorie shadow of the whole fruit original. Reach for the actual fruit instead. You’ll consume fewer calories, plus you’ll get a dose of fiber that most juices just can’t deliver.

6. White Bread, Rolls, & Biscuits: You know that bread basket that goes on the table for family meals? If you want to lose weight, stop putting it there. Don’t reach for it when you’re eating out either. These foods are packed with empty calories that fill you up before the main course hits the table. Here are some Tips to Help You Eat Healthy When You’re Eating Out.

7. Store-Bought Trail Mix: Just like fruit juice, trail mix seems like a smart choice for a weight loss plan. While packaged mixes do contain good-for-you nuts, dried fruit, and raisins, they also usually contain too many not-good-for-you sweets, like candies or chocolate. Get the benefits of trail mix—without the extra calories—by mixing your own or packing one of these 100 Calorie Snacks.

8. Salad Dressings: Women trying to lose weight often make the wise choice to add more salads to their diet. Our bodies benefit from the fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. What they don’t benefit from is high-calorie salad dressing. Ditch the damaging stuff and try this Lemon and Oil Dressing. (We’ve paired it with a simple garden salad here, but it’s a tasty addition to many salad recipes.)

Lose weight and feel great by saying “sayonara” to these waistline-expanding, high-calorie foods.

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