9 Exercises That Tone from Head to Toe

Head to toe workout to get you in amazing shape.

Looking for a great workout that will tone your body from head to toe? We’ve got you covered! These total body exercises work more than just one muscle group, so you can work your abs and arms, legs, back, and so much more, all at once! This workout will have you burning calories and fat all day.

Complete this group of head to toe exercises as a circuit, one after the other. You’ll perform each exercise for 12 repetitions. Complete the entire circuit 3 times total for a total body tone up! Follow along with the video demonstrations and be sure to read through the tips below to learn how the exercises tone extra muscles other than the targeted ones. For even better results, end this workout with a healthy snack!

Review the videos below for demonstrations of each exercise.

1. Squat with Side Kick
This move will tone your entire lower body, including your outer thighs! Alternate kicking one leg out to your side after sitting down into a squat. Be sure to keep your knees behind your toes as you lower into your squats. Check out the Squat Challenge, too!

2. Deadlift
Lift and tone your glutes while sculpting sleek arms and a toned back! When you lower down into your deadlift, press back up with the weight in your heels. Next, row your arms up and elbows out to your sides. Keep your back straight throughout the entire move!

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3. Push-up
Pushups are great for toning your arms, abs, and back. You can do your pushups on your knees for a modified version, or all the way up on your toes for more of a challenge. Keep your back straight throughout the entire move and focus on keeping your belly button pulled up and in. Try the 7 Day Push-up Challenge, too!

4. Back Extension
Perfect your posture while creating tight back and glute muscles. The Pilates back extension exercise is a great move for multiple muscle groups. Focus on your breathing during this exercise: exhale when you lift up from the ground and inhale when you lower back down.

5. Lunge Twist
The lunge twist exercise will sculpt strong leg and glute muscles while toning your midsection.

6. Hamstring Curl with Triceps Kickback
This one is truly a total body exercise. Tone the front and back of your arms while sculpting a tight backside! Be sure to keep your abs drawn in throughout this move. Perform 6 with one leg, then switch to complete the other 6 on your other leg.

7. Plie Squat Jack
This move will tone your inner thighs, front of your legs, booty, AND burn fat! Talk about a total body exercise!

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8. Triceps Dips
Triceps dips tone the back of your arms. By focusing on pulling your belly button in tightly and tightening your abs, you’ll also sculpt a skinny midsection with this move! You can do this exercise on a bench, chair, or short table.

9. Side Plank
Side planks are great for losing love handles and they also tone your outer thighs! That’s two trouble spots with one exercise! Pay attention to your alignment in this exercise; keep your hips positioned over each other.

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Squat with Side Kick



Back Extension

Lunge Twist

Hamstring Curl with Tricep Kickback

Plie Squat Jack

Tricep Dips

Side Plank

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