9 Kettlebell Workouts for Full Body Sculpting

Let kettlebells transform your body.

If you’ve been passing by the kettlebells at the gym, you’ve been missing out on one of the most beneficial pieces of workout equipment. With fat burning and advanced muscle sculpting through forced stability, these kettlebell routines will work wonders.

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1. 5 Day Beginner’s Kettlebell Challenge
5 Day Beginner's Kettlebell Challenge

The best way to learn is to dive into the deep end. This 5 day workout will teach you all you need to know.

2. Lower Body Kettlebell Workout

Tone your legs and tush with this workout.

3. Kettlebell Fat-Burning Workout

Shed pounds with this fat blasting workout.

4. 4 Minute Kettle Bell Fat Blaster
4 Minute Kettle Bell Fat Blaster - Burn Fat Up To 24 Hours

This quick workout is perfect for boosting your metabolism for extra fat burning.

5. Killer Kettlebell Workout ChallengeKiller-Kettlebell-Workout-Challenge

Looking for more of a challenge? This workout will push your body to its limits to get the results you deserve.

6. Kettlebell Butt Lift Workout

Get your butt round and firm with this muscle focused workout.

7. Kettlebell Craze WorkoutKettlebell-Craze-Workout

Craze just means high intensity here. Get crazy with some kettlebells.

8. 17 Kettlebell Exercises for Total Body Toning
17 Kettlebell Exercises for Total Body Toning

An encyclopedia’s worth of moves to hit every muscle. Start toning here.

9. Kettlebell Bootcamp Challenge

This boot camp challenge is designed to test every muscle group and your commitment to fight through.

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  1. Thanks for posting all these workouts! It was hard for me to stay motivated when all I could find were 5-7 min workouts on the internet when I was doing 45 mins already. I don't want to have to piece mini workouts to create a basic workout!

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