7 Exercises for Maximum Definition

Unlock the secrets to tone and define trouble spots.

Are you looking to finely tune your body after a serious fitness overhaul? Or is it time to mix up your current routine? These exercises will serve as an effective new addition to your workouts! Think about the sleek arms you covet, with the little dent around the shoulder,  or the slim thighs you’ve been angling for. This workout holds the secret that will move you closer to those goals.

These are targeting exercises for maximum definition. The key is to work the smaller muscles that support the larger muscles that get worked frequently. By activating these smaller muscle groups, you’ll begin to look tight and toned all over!

You can add these exercises into your own routine, or perform them as a circuit by doing the recommended number of repetitions, then circling back to complete the whole circuit three times. In addition to these targeting exercises for definition, you will want to add in some cardio exercises to burn fat. Try some of these at-home cardio workouts to get the definition you’ve been dreaming of!

1. Tricep Dips
Start in a reverse table top position with straight arms. Bend your elbows straight back to lower your body. Press right back up to straight arms. This move will tighten the back of your arms, ridding you of the dreaded bat wing! Complete 15 total.

2. Lateral Raise
This move will top off toned arms by working on the small muscles around your shoulders. Hold light free weights in hand, standing with your arms down at your sides. Raise your arms out to a “T” with your palms facing the ground. Lower and repeat to total 12 repetitions.

3. Plié Squat
Start standing with your legs stepped far apart and toes turned out. As you inhale, lower down into a wide squat, dropping the weight lower. Exhale and press your weight through your heels to press back up to straight legs. This exercise will bring maximum definition to your booty, inner thighs, shoulders, AND abs!

4. Abduction
This one is a serious thigh slimmer. Picture that sleek line down the side of slender thighs…its coming! As you lie on your side, stack your hips on top of one another. Draw your belly button in to tighten your abs. Lift your top leg up as high as you can, then lower back down. Perform 25 on each leg.

5. Adduction
Balance out your legs by working on your inner thighs with this move. From the same side-lying position, bend your top leg and place your foot behind your bottom leg. Lift and lower your bottom leg 25 times before switching to the other side.

6. Bootie Blast
Lift your bootie and tighten your tush with this glute defining exercise. Start kneeling on all fours and place a medium free weight behind one knee. Squeeze the weight tightly as you lift your leg up, reaching your heel up towards the ceiling. Do 15 booty blasts on each leg!

7. Standing Kickbacks
This move will tighten all of the muscles in your legs and lift your booty. Stand with all of your weight on one leg as you lift the other leg back behind you, squeezing the glute muscles. Lift and lower 20 times on each leg.

The other key to showing off defined arms, legs, and abs is your diet. No matter how hard you work, you cannot out-exercise a bad diet! Clean eating is important here. Check out the Top 25 Flat Belly Foods for some help. Skinny Ms. has done the hard part for you. Try our go-to guide for clean eating with a 5-Day Clean Eating Dinner Menu and 7-Day Clean Eating Menu Plan.

Triceps Dip

Lateral Raises

Plié Squat


Booty Blast

Standing Kickback

Remember to fuel your muscles properly to allow you to get the most out of your workouts! Try Quick and Easy Post-Workout Foods and 7 Foods for Fast Energy.

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