10 Delicious Detoxifying Desserts

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So you want to detox, but you’re not sure how. Most detoxifying diets forego solid foods in place of liquid alternatives. However, these methods aren’t always safe. Safer detoxes will simply remove certain foods from the diet for a set amount of time to discourage the body from craving them. Most detox diets tend to cut out desserts entirely, but there are certainly ways to get in some “detoxifying desserts” while still helping out your body!

These desserts have ingredients generally found in detox plans, and they’re light and refreshing as ever. Enjoy these 10 delicious detoxifying desserts and help your body feel better (in moderation, of course)!

1. Chocolate Strawberry Cups

Chocolate Strawberry Cups 4

Using light alternatives, these no-bake treats guarantee you get the biggest benefits for your dessert investment. Cocoa is full of antioxidants, and strawberries promote metabolism activity.


2. Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

Blueberries make a refreshing, light addition to any meal. Chia seeds are full of good fats and antioxidants, and turn this pudding into a delightful but healthy treat.


3. No-Bake Almond Joy Cookies

No-Bake Almond Joy Cookies

Simple and raw are desirable qualities in a detox dessert. These qualities, plus the benefits of coconut and chocolate, make these cookies a great way to sneak in some sweets.


4. Blackberry-Banana Ice Cream


Blackberries are packed full of bittersweet flavors and antioxidants. Bananas are one of the best fruits to eat, being a great source of potassium and a myriad of other healthy benefits that cannot be beat!


5. Healthy Frozen Yogurt With Fresh Fruit Salad and Mint

Frozen Yogurt with Fresh Fruit Salad & Mint

Clean frozen yogurt piled with all of your favorite detox water add-ins: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple, and mint. Enjoy these flavors in their actual fruit form on top of some light and creamy yogurt.

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