10 Recipes That Use Lemons

Simply Sauteed Lemon Tilapia

Lemon lovers rejoice! This versatile fruit is easy to incorporate into any healthy eating lifestyle. It can be used in so many ways, whether you’re cooking, baking, or just flavoring plain water. So, we’ve gathered 10 lemon-based recipes that will satisfy your taste for lemon (or just use up that leftover lemon that’s been sitting in the crisper for a few days).

Lemons (along with their cousins, limes) are a tasty way to incorporate antioxidants, like vitamin C, into your menu. Antioxidants fight free radicals, cells that damage the body and make it more prone to diseases, including the common cold. What’s more, antioxidants help battle the cell damage that triggers visible signs of aging.

Lemons also have flavonoids, which are believed to fight body inflammation and cancer. They may also stimulate the digestive system and relieve constipation. Lemons contain electrolytes, too, like potassium and magnesium, which help the body stay hydrated, which is especially important if you’re caring for your health through a regular exercise routine. Fresh lemons make an excellent addition to a clean-eating lifestyle. Learn more about this fruit gem in 4 Reasons Why We Love Lemons and Limes.

When you’re shopping for lemons, look for fruit that is brightly-colored and firm to the touch. Avoid any lemon with brown spots, which indicate it’s starting to rot. A lemon will last several days at room temp, but it will keep longer in the crisper drawer of the fridge.

What’s the best way to juice these fruits for your lemon recipes? For maximum juice-age, before you slice it open, take a room temperature lemon and roll it on the counter using light pressure. This action breaks open the cells that contain the juice. Expect to get about 2-3 tablespoons from each lemon.

10 Lemon-Based Recipes

1. Skinny Slow Cooker Lemon Basil Chicken with Carrots

When you need lemon-based recipes that are easy on time, this is your go-to dish. Combine 5 ingredients and in about 5 hours you have a ready-to-serve dinner with a yummy lemony taste.

2. Raw Vegan Lemon Cranberry Cheesecake

Lemon juice combines with cranberries and other delish ingredients to create a dish you’ll be proud to serve to family or guests. This light lemony treat is the perfect finish, whether you’re enjoying lunch or sipping coffee or tea with a sister or friend.

3. Lemon Ginger Detox Drink

Refresh the body with the ginger and lemon in this detox drink. The lemons have a diuretic effect that helps boot toxins from your system.

4. Whole Wheat Linguine with Asparagus and Lemon

Who says pasta dishes need to be bad for your waistline? This recipes pairs whole wheat pasta with asparagus and lemon for a delicious dinner recipe.

5. Sautéed Lemon Tilapia (Pictured Above)

The mild taste makes this one of those lemon recipes that’s a winner for anyone, even those who typically don’t flip for fish. As a bonus, it’s easy to make and has less than 250 calories per serving—perfect for any healthy menu.

6. Fava Beans with Garlic and Lemon

You won’t need to bother with a nice Chianti when serving this tasty side dish. This recipe isn’t just big on nutrition (fava beans are fiber powerhouses), it’s also big on taste.

7. Rainbow Salad with Honey Lemon Dressing

When it comes to finding the best lemon recipes, this one’s a keeper. It offers the superfoods that keep your body nourished and fueled, while delivering a fresh taste your tummy will love.

8. Lush Lemon Frozen Yogurt

It doesn’t get much better than an icy cold lemony treat on a hot day. This delicious frozen yogurt recipe will not cool you down, but will satisfy any lemon craving, too.

9. Blueberry Lemon Scones

No round-up of lemon-based recipes would be complete without one of our favorite baking dishes. These scones are the perfect lemony treat to enjoy with tea. (Did we mention that a Starbucks Blueberry Scone has almost twice the calories of this scone recipe?)

10. Morning Lemon & Mint Water

Don’t weigh yourself down first thing in the morning with some processed drink! Instead choose this refreshing mix, made from water, lemon, and mint.

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