11 Awesome Arm Toning Workouts

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Get ready to look amazing in dresses, tank tops, and swimsuits. These 11 awesome arm toning workouts will leave your arms stronger and more defined. You’ll definitely feel the burn once you’re done.

1. Workday Arms Challenge

Define and strengthen your arms in just a few minutes each day. Find the workout here.

2. HIIT Your Arms Workout

H.I.I.T. Your Arms Workout

This intense interval workout will leave your arms burning.

3. Summer Tricep Toning Workout

Summer Tricep Toning Workout

Tone your triceps and lose that extra arm jiggle with this workout.

4. 10 Moves to Master for a Beach Body

10 Moves to Master for a Beach Body

Ger ready for the beach with this fat burning beach body workout.

5. Summer Arms Challenge

Summer Arms Challenge

This week-long arm workout challenge will define and strengthen your arm muscles. Find it here.

6. Sexy Summer Shoulders Workout

Sexy Summer Shoulders Workout

Looking to tone your shoulders? This is one workout that will make it happen.

7. Killer Kettlebell Workout Challenge


This total body workout will give you quick results in terms of strength, endurance, and toning your muscles.

8. Transform Your Body With Resistance Bands

Transform Your Body With Resistance Bands

Get the arms you’ve always wanted with this fat burning resistance band workout.

9. One Circuit For A Total Body Workout

One Circuit for a Total Body Workout

The circuit in this workout combines heart pumping cardio with strength training, to create a fast-flowing, fat-burning workout.

10. Shape Up Size Down Arm Workout

Shape Up Size Down Arm Workout

All you need is a pair of dumbbells for this awesome arm workout.

11. Summer Swim Challenge

Summer Swim Challenge

Swimming is a great way to tone and define your arms and shoulders. Find the workout here.

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